Which flavor boosts would you like?

Hey Hueligans,

I had a very interesting tasting session today. I know the USA has been a little unloved recently, but things are changing rapidly! :slight_smile:

I tried 8 new flavors today, all natural flavored and sweetened (stevia).

Our current range is 5 flavors - Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Cappuccino, and Chocolate Mint

Which flavors would like added to the range?

Huel Founder.


Salted caramel
Mounds bar
Honey Barbecue
Cool Ranch
Spicy Nacho
Boston Creme Pie
Butterscotch Krimpet


Chocolate peanut butter would be great!


I also think Chocolate PB would be delicious!


Anyone else up for a taco :taco: flavor boost? Or bacon :bacon:?? :raising_hand_man:


I tried several times to make pizza flavored

It makes you appreciate food scientists


Curry anchovy!


Peanut butter and jelly
Chicken flavor
+1 for pizza
Cinnamon bun
+1 for the taco flavor
+10000 for the honey bbq


I would definitely love a peanut butter flavor! Currently buying peanut butter powder from another company. Could be throwing that money your way instead :+1:


In my humble opinion, artificial fruit flavors are generally mediocre or just bad. I wonder, @Julian-Huel , what your internal sales figures are for your strawberry and banana verses the chocolate and chocolate mint. That right there might tell you something.

Chocolate peanut butter is probably a safe bet, so long as you have the peanut warning on the package (people with peanut allergy).

Caramel or butterscotch would be a good flavor as well.


LOL. Seriously?! . . . . .

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Haha, that was the only one you couldn’t support?

Honey barbecue flavor twists come in what they claim is a 10 serving bag. After 80% I figure there’s no point closing the bag because I’m not going to want only 20% of a bag next time. Mostly I don’t buy them anymore.

Savory additives to Huel are interesting, but it’s difficult to match the flavor profile of a specific food. I’m not sure I’d have made pizza- flavored Huel very frequently even if I did get it right. It’s like the pizza flavored Combos- they’re good, but once you eat the whole bag you’re content to take a break on that for a while.

I wonder if there is a donut flavor Huel waiting for someone to discover …

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@miked I suppose I could actually add some honey and barbeque sauce to some U/U Huel and see how it tastes. I have all those ingredients at home. But intuitively, I don’t imagine it works with oats.

A previous post from months ago suggested V8 juice as a “savory” option to mix Huel. Tried it. Uggggg. Nasty, nasty stuff.

Donut flavor, if done correctly, would be a major hit.

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Thank you everyone for the suggestions, we’ll do some work on these.

@Deron chocolate is best seller, but both strawberry and banana outsell chocolate mint.

I have tried a lot of savoury flavors but none have worked to date. However, this savoury hack is good - https://huel.com/blogs/recipes/peanut-curry

Well, here’s a suggestion NOT to use: Cola.

I was at an old fashioned New England country store and found some “cola syrup”. Basically, stuff you mix into sparkling water to make cola.

So on a whim, I tried some mixed into my Huel (yes, I know it added 40 kcal of sugars, so it wouldn’t be a good idea long term anyway). First off, it wasn’t sweet enough and I had to add some stevia.

But second… yuck! Cola and Huel are two great tastes which are most distinctly NOT great together.

(But speaking of that tag line, if you could come up with a peanut butter cup flavor that was A) strong enough and B) didn’t contain peanuts (because I know you are trying to avoid the peanut allergy problem), that would be AMAZING…)


Actually, if you could just come up with a peanut butter on its own, that would be good, and then we can mix the chocolate and peanut butter.

I will say, the savory tastes I’ve tried have not worked for me. Maybe they will for other people, but things like “pizza” and “chicken” and “taco” sound like good ideas, but I can’t see them working in practice. (Of course, y’all are the experts, I’d be happy to be proven wrong!)

But there are several of the UK flavors (excuse me, “flavours”) that I’d love to see over here. Caramel, Toffee, Pineapple/Coconut. No need to invent something new until you’ve exhausted the recipes you already have. :slight_smile:

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Call me crazy, but what about a coffee + donut flavor? Get your caffeine and donut fix in one Huel!


Or for dessert, coffee and tiramisu?


That is just crazy enough to work


All in a good days work, Deron. :handshake:

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Caramel syrup. It’s pretty good with about 30mL per serving. I’m planning on trying it mixed with some applesauce for a caramel-apple Huel. Mmm.