New Flavor Boosts are here!

Our Flavor Boost Relaunch is today!

So I know many of you have heard about some updates to our Flavor Boosts, so here’s a little more detail. Overall we’ve got some new flavors that are going to blow you away! As ever, any questions just post below!

New Flavors in sample pack and larger pouches

Salted Caramel, Berry, Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Spice! In addition to Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Mint Choc, Apple Cinnamon and Mocha.

New Flavors not in the sample pack

  1. Vanilla - a stevia based Vanilla Flavor Boost for those that want Vanilla Huel but no sucralose
  2. Limited Edition flavors: Chocolate Cherry and Gingerbread!

We’re saying goodbye to Caramel and Chai, but you’ll love the new additions.

Revamped existing Flavor Boosts

Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Mint Choc and Mocha tweaked by reducing stevia (so a little less sweetness and a more natural flavor) and adding some natural colour. We have tried to align the Flavor Boosts more closely to our Powders whilst also improving them slightly too.

Other changes:

  1. Large pouches are now 100g not 150g - so it times better with finishing your Huel pouches
  2. Larger pouches now $8 not $12

Definitely get yourselves a Taster Pack to try out most of the new flavors, they’re delicious!


Going to miss the Chai, was my favorite, but just ordered the Peanut Butter, and 2 of the Chocolate Cherry limiteds!


TFW you reorder 150g bag of Caramel only to get an e-mail one hour later announcing a new Salted Caramel :unamused:

Go figure I ordered a taster pack with my first order just last month, and decided that Caramel was my preferred flavor. I guess I need to start over with the testing…

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Give the new flavors a go! You might just find you love the salted caramel, or peanut butter😋

I have to admit, the flavor boosters have been pretty horrible, save the caramel and the cappaccino ones. I tried the cherry and the pumpkin spice and I was so disappointed. I chugged the cherry one and then threw the pumpkin one down the drain. I am not one to waste food, but it was really gross. I was using pumpkin spice tea to make the flavor beforehand and it turned out much better than the booster.

I bought the peanut butter and the gingerbread ones but I am hesitant to open them. I have tried most of the booster flavors and they all have been pretty terrible. They taste far from what they should. Who is doing the taste testing for this company?

Is the vanilla flavour boost designed to taste like original vanilla or new vanilla?

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This is my question too. When I can’t get the OG vanilla anymore, next on my list is to try New Vanilla and U/U with the Vanilla flavor boost to see which I prefer.

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Hi! I’d love to pick up a few flavor boosts, but there seem to be few options for me. Are the salted caramel, peanut butter, and mocha flavors just out of stock, or are they not available in the US?

To Huel:
I absolutely LOVED the Chai :heart_eyes:& Carmel :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:flavor boosts, they were the best options! I added them to my subscription right before you dropped them and wasn’t able to get them. I do not want extra salt in my diet for medical reasons (kidney stones), therefore don’t want the salted carmel. Please bring them back! Pretty please with Huel on top!!! :pray:t2:
Also, I haven’t been able to order a taster pack. I want one (or two) every time I get a subscription order as they add variety. Are you out of stock, and, if so, when are they coming back?

I am excited for the new Berry, Peanut Butter, and Pumpkin Spice!
P.S.- Strawberry, Banana, and Apple Spice are nice too!