Strawberry flavor boost

So I just received my first pouch of strawberry, and I think it was gross?! Does anyone have any strawberry flavor boost recipes? I typically do 2.5 scoops of unflavored and half a scoop or less of vanilla.

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I didn’t think much of the strawberry boost in the sample pack. It’s a shame because I like strawberry flavoured things.

You can, of course, add strawberries. That cuts down on the convenience factor though as you have to blend it (and keep a stock of strawberries).

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The best recipe for the Huel Strawberry flavor boost is, and please follow this closely step by step. I cannot stress enough that these steps MUST be followed in order to obtain the best possible strawberry taste of your Huel:

  1. Remove your huel%20strawberry%20bad from pantry

  2. Place directly in trashcan where it belongs

  3. Go to store

  4. Purchase Dole%20good

  5. Use blender


Deron, I just wanted to let you know that my husband agrees 100% with your “recipe”. He tried the strawberry once and hated it SO much! He is sticking with the chocolate flavor from now on. He hasn’t tried your frozen strawberries idea yet but that does sound good. Personally, I actually like the vanilla flavor as is, although I do add chia seeds and mushroom powder for a little extra nutritional boost.

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Do bear in mind folks that we have a new Strawberry Flavor Boost available now.


Yes, please do.

Guys, that was my opinion on the old flavor. Please don’t let it deter anyone from trying the new one. I tried the new Huel apple cinnamon and was surprised at how much I liked it. Surprised since I didn’t like their previous fruit flavored packets. But the new formulations may have turned this all around.

Also, this is a testament to Huel’s transparency as a company. They don’t suppress opinions or reviews here or on their FB page. My post is still here 6 months later. (And it’s still just as funny, although probably not applicable since there is a new formulation.)


Thanks, Deron

Glad you’re liking the new ones!