Which flavor boosts would you like?



there is another product I buy called Paleo Thin Protein Powder. They have two flavors that would work. Glazed donut and cinnamon roll. I would mix them in with either the vanilla or plain.


I just put in an order for new bags as my old ones have expired. But If they can make the flavor out of freeze dried egg whites then I am sure Huel can do it with their flavor packs.

The ingredients for the glazed donut are Egg White Powder, Natural Donut Flavor (Vanilla/Maple Extract) Lou Han Guo Extract 25% (Monk Fruit), Produra™ (Bacillus Coagulans-Probiotic), Sea Salt

For the cinnamon roll its Egg White Protein, Natural Cinnamon Roll Flavor (Cinnamon/Ceylon & Vanilla Extract), Lou Han Guo Extract 25% (Monk Fruit), Produra (Probiotic), Sea Salt.

Should be easy for Julian’s resident food geniuses to come up with something out of that. Otherwise I am just going to mix both products to get the result I want.

Glazed Donut Huel for breakfast, lunch and dinner next week (thanks Amazon and FedEx)!! Damn my sweet tooth!


Oooh, if you can figure out how to do cinnamon roll well, I’d be so over the moon happy!


Blueberry pancakes or Belgian Waffle w/syrup!


I’m loving these suggestions, very creative.

We have some interesting ones up our sleeve but not as creative :slight_smile:


As a native of New Hampshire, with MAPLE syrup, please! :wink:


As a native of New Hampshire, with MAPLE syrup, please! :wink:

Is there any other kind? :wink:


Seriously, is there another kind? :sweat_smile:

Maple would taste great with the grainy oat flavor :+1:


It REALLY would! But imitation maple flavor, like those horrible pre-flavored instant oatmeal packets, would not be worth the effort.


Something coconut: pina colada or mound bar/almond joy.

Butterscotch, toffee would also be something to try.

Don’t be afraid of making some unique undefined flavors. Dirty Potato Chip Co make a flavor called funky fusion. It has tasting notes cheese, smoke, sweet, spicy and damn amazing.

Make a sample set of boosts and sell them as a kit. Offer discounts to users if they test a couple creations.


Oh yeah! I like the way you think. Gonna have to try some coconut and cocoa.


Coconut came in today and the ‘Almond Joy’ is perfect! Thanks again for the idea @Davidk :+1::+1:


Yeah, my personal favorite, boysenberry. Also there’s blueberry, blackberry, and many others.


I know you said you tried savory flavors already, but ones I actually think would work or mushroom, miso, and one that tastes like vegetable broth.


I guess another sweet flavor I would like is either pumpkin pie or pumpkin spice. Whatever you want to call it. Or how about creamy onion?