Where's my order? Huel unresponsive

Placed an order of ready to drinks last week, the website basically says it takes 3 days or less for product to arrive. Now not only do I still not have it, but I have emailed the support team multiple times with no response. There is no phone number to call (never seen this in my life). On the Huel website, it says my order has been “fulfilled” but USPS tracking says it doesn’t even have the package yet.

Can someone please update me as to what’s going on, and furthermore, why it is impossible for me to get an update on my order? These are meal replacements, and I’ve had a nutrition schedule based around having these, and I can’t really execute it, nor can I go buy another set of shakes from somewhere else because my money is tied up. It is extremely hard to be blind in all this. A nutrition company should understand this

I am not aware of any part of the website that implies that Huel will arrive within 3 days of being ordered. Most of the time it is shipped within 3 business days, perhaps that is what you mean. Huel employees work Monday through Friday, warehouse included, so if you ordered Huel on Friday it was likely shipped yesterday or today.

I order a lot of stuff from USPS, and from personal experience, sometimes they scan arriving boxes and sometimes they don’t; the tracking updates may be added to the USPS website late, and other times not until the package has already arrived.

I can’t speak to the quality of the email support as I have not had to make use of it yet, but the response rate for inquiries made on this forum is very impressive. I have no doubt they will be responding to this thread very soon with an update on your package’s status.

Maybe I misread the 3 day thing. Either way, my order was placed early Thursday morning so no reason it shouldn’t have been shipped that day or by Friday at the latest. If product supply is an issue and they’re backirdered, I understand that. But there’s needs to be a level of communication between Huel and the customer if that is the case. Not leaving customers in the dark. After reading through the forums, it seems I’m not the only one with this issue

Hi @Jason1029! Based on your tracking information, your order is currently in transit to you now. It should get to you very soon. You placed your order on January 2nd and it generally takes 3-5 business days from the order date to arrive to customers. You’re right on track!

We do apologize for the delay in responding to your emails from yesterday. We’re pretty backed up from the holidays and the demand of our new products so we’re doing our best to get through them all as fast as possible.

Have experienced the same! Still in pre shipment ordered on the 3rd. Unresponsive to email but received replies on this forum. No phone number to call. They told me on here they are currently having issues with emails and the RTD orders. Looking at past posts to these forums quality customer service and on time delivery is not to be expected. Everyone has reinforced that when you finally get your Huel it’s worth it. Just hope for no issues because getting them resolved is an issue in itself.