Order not arriving - can't get in touch with customer support


I know that shipping-related questions are better asked via email or the contact form of Huel.com but I have tried all of these methods and I didn’t get an answer so I thought here I might get in touch with Huel’s customer support.

I was very enthusiastic when discovering Huel as I really want to try and integrate their products into my diet to get fitter.

I placed my first order on August 15. This order never arrived (tracking info said it had arrived but I never received it). Customer support was quick to react and sent me another one immediately at no charge, which I greatly appreciated.

But since then, radio silence. I haven’t received any shipping information, tracking code or anything allowing me to know that my order is on its way and that everything is in order. The order was placed on August 24 (#1437888-US). I have sent them several messages via email, the form and even tried to call several times but no answer so far. I understand that orders can take some time to arrive but I haven’t even received any tracking info.

Could someone at Huel get back to me to clarify the situation? @Domenique_Huel

Thank you,

Hey there! Oh no! not the best situation! I have looked into this for you and have messaged you more details on your replacement :blush:

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Hi @Domenique_Huel , could you please check the message I left you ? Still haven’t received my tracking number. Thank you!

Have replied to your message with information on the tracking of your order :innocent: