Order Delay? I have not recieved my order yet!

I ordered the Huel Ready-to-Drink on December 17th.

It stated on the website that it would be ready to ship on the December 28th, but that was taken down as I can’t find that date anymore (Which is why I am starting to use the screenshot feature more often, because websites love to take things down).

It said the other day that there would be delays due to the Holidays, but here it is two days after New Years day and the order still says unfulfilled. I sent this question to support, but It doesn’t tell me if my question actually went through or not.
So here I am on the forum having to ask this question. So any replies from the Huel team would be greatly appreciated …

Hi Bren! I’m so sorry to hear about your delay. I have reached out to our fulfillment center about the status of your order and will follow up with an update once I hear back from them. :blush:

I was also anticipating a 12/28 ship date. I finally got a tracking number on 12/31, but the tracking info hasn’t updated yet and still says Pre-Shipment and “USPS awaiting item”, so it sounds like all Huel has done at this point is print a shipping label, but the box would appear to still be in the warehouse. No estimated delivery date yet.

I have the same issue. I ordered on the 12th (along with the stainless steel bottle and some flavor packs). The entire order was listed as fulfilled on Dec 17th but I have not heard anything about when the RTD portion of my order will be sent out. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Same issue here too. I ordered on 11/27/18 with the same 12/28 shipment date. I have emailed twice with no response and with no phone number to contact, makes you wounder. I also received the email of order being shipped but it’s nothing more than a label created and still sitting in limbo. How do companies with such terrible customer service stay in business? I love the guidelines for contributing maybe they need to implement customer service SOP and guideline for the company.

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How do I cancel my order and get a refund.?

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USPS tracking is finally showing progress for me today, so the rest of you may have some luck shortly.

My concern for my order is that the RTD portion says fulfilled as of Dec 17th and has the same tracking info from the other items in my order which arrived prior to Christmas.

I did just receive an email reply saying the second half of the order should ship out soon. Looking forward to giving the rtd huel a go!

Hey @Tank999, my teammates were able to get in touch with you on 12/31 and 1/2. Unfortunately, your order was held up in shipping, but good news! I have word that it will make it on the truck tonight. Let me know if you would still like it to cancelled.

@dgpogue Since you ordered items that were not on pre-order, those shipped separately from your Ready-to-drink, which is why you’re seeing your old tracking number. We are working with our fulfillment center to get your orders and any other holds out the door as soon as humanly possible.

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@Teresa_Huel Any chance I could get a check on my order as well? It was placed back on 11/27 but there haven’t been any updates to the tracking from USPS. Let me know if you need any specific information on my order. I mainly want to make sure I’m able to finish my 2 boxes before my next shipment is scheduled to go out.

I’ve contacted Huel through a couple different avenues over the last couple days but have yet to get a response. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if it’s the expected delay with the fulfillment center, I’d like to get a confirmation.


Hi Mike, unfortunately your order is shipping from our fulfillment center that is experiencing a delay. I’ve contacted them about your order to attempt to get it out the door ASAP. I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience and I totally understand how this can be frustrating. Please feel free to send me a PM if there’s anything we can do to make it up to you.

No worries @Teresa_Huel. I just wanted to make sure it was the expected hold up. Thank you for checking on it! I’m looking forward to trying the new RTD version.

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Hi everyone, I got my Ready To Drink order today. A bit later than expected, but it did arrive. Hopefully future shipping will be less problematic now that the holidays are over. The good news is, I sampled it when it arrived, and the taste isn’t bad. Coming in from the mail truck, it was colder than room temp, but not as cold as refrigerated, so I expect it will be better once fully chilled. I tried the Vanilla, haven’t opened the Berry yet. It’s far smoother than anything I can mix in my shaker, so that really helps too as I’ve never been fond of the consistency. This is still thick, but not as gritty. I could see drinking this daily. I’m actually going to try to replace all my meals with it for about week while packing up and driving a moving truck for a few days.


Yay!!! Music to our ears! :partying_face::tada::gift: Happy to hear you’re loving it already too! Good luck on your move this weekend!

I have the same problem. I placed the order on 12/28. I understand over the holidays there may be some delays, but on Jan 2nd I got a notification that it was shipped. It’s been stuck in “Pre-Shipment” since. I sent an email to support@huel.com about it a couple of days ago and have not heard back.

I don’t know what’s going on. I understand delays due to holidays but holidays are long over and the order says Fulfilled but I have not received it.

Since this is my first time ever ordering from huel, I wonder:

  1. Are shipping delays like this common? If yes, I won’t be ordering anymore. We live in the Amazon era.
  2. Is customer service responsive at all? If there is an issue, has anyone been able to resolve it in a timely fashion?
  3. Is there a way to either get a refund or have the order expedited so it finally arrives?


Hey Oleg. This isn’t the norm. We ran into some issues over the holidays with these RTD orders–brand new product and being short-staffed on all ends of the business due to the holiday.

Clearly, this is our bad and we have learned from this experience. We understand that from your point of view this isn’t ideal–but no worries we are getting this product to you ASAP!

What’s the new ETA ? Will it be shipped today ? Are we talking days, weeks ?

I don’t have an updated ETA at the moment–it won’t take weeks to ship this product. Your tracking should update this week.

Ok, I ordered a different product on Amazon while I wait. This is my first time getting into meal substitutes, so I don’t mind trying something else.

I must add that I would be less concerned about my order if support@huel.com was replying to messages.