Where is my order?

I place an order last weekend and signed up for a subscription. I received a conformation email stating that my order was fulfilled and an email from Fed X that my package was to arrive by the close if business on the 31st. well I haven’t received my package so I called FedX and was told that only a label was generated and there is no shipping details because the package was never scheduled for pick up. This is a crappy experience right off the bat. I am super disappointed to say the least. no contact number for customer service?? I am seriously considering canceling my subscription to this service

This is usual. Firstly, any order placed on a weekend won’t be looked at till Monday (Huel distributors don’t work weekends, or holidays.) Then if they “fulfill” it on Monday, the Huel distributor creates a shipping label. FedEx will come to the Huel place and pick up the package 1 to 2 days later. And then it takes several days to actually reach your house from that date. So, Huel people do your order on Monday. FedEx picks up on Tues or Wed. And then by Thursday (today) you should see an update to the FedEx tracking. It will likely arrive at your house Sat or next Monday.

Until FedEx actually gets your package at their initial pickup, their estimated arrival date will not be accurate.

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I looked into your order and it was delivered today.

Just a heads up orders placed over the weekend will start processing Monday & Tuesday. Labels are generated in advance before the order is filled. The estimated delivery date provided by FedEx at the Label Generated stage are usually inaccurate until the order is picked up by FedEx.

I placed two orders and confirmed with my bank that both have been paid, however when I log in I only see history and tracking info for my second placed order and it’s jyst the flavor additives…so where is the actual Huel order since I have no confirmation yet I have already paid?

Hey Aaron, I talked to you on Facebook earlier! I’m sending you a private message now, so we can resolve this. :slight_smile:

I have the same experience as awill336. Order was paid for a week ago and is still with a status of “unfilled”. I did receive a request from @Sothan_Huel asking about an issue during processing to which I responded earlier in the week and have not heard from since, even after follow up requests and multiple emails sent to support@huel.com as directed here.

To be fair, I did change my subscription date up a week because I was going to run out earlier than expected, so my comment here is meant to get a response to the multiple emails I have sent over to the customer service team inquiring on the order itself and have not heard back on. I would think that customers that have have paid orders would have some sort of priority for questions or comments? What is the expected response time that I should be expecting?

I am happy to wait, but would appreciate a response letting me know what the issue is with processing so I can either request a refund and wait until it can be resolved.

Still have not received a answer as to why when I log in and go to

Manage my subscription link it says “ERROR 404 PAGE CAN. OT


I am having the same issue. Do you have any other emails that we may contact, I am going on 8 days without any information. Oh buy they charged me!!!

Hey Aaron, as I said in our private message conversation, the order you were having trouble seeing was created using the wrong email, which prevented it from being viewed under your account with the correct email. This has been fixed for your orders moving forward. Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do for you.

Hi Gordon, happy to help you out with this! Sorry for the slower than usual response time. This is not typical for us. The delay was caused by a switch in software combined with an influx in activity and we are working tirelessly on getting everything squared away to provide a better experience for Huelers like you.

I see your order is missing a flavor variant, which is what is holding up the order. Do you want Vanilla, Unflavored & Unsweetened, or a combo?

Hey Brian, I can’t see a reason as to why your order is not shipping. I have reached out to our fulfillment center about your specific order and will have it shipped out ASAP.

That’s ok… i will be tsking a credit and moving on.

Thank you

Are you saying you’d like a refund and your order to be cancelled? I can do this for you unless it has already been done for you. Please confirm.

I understand that but I recurved a email here today from someone else at Hull that mentioned this but then said that the old subscription could NOT be linked to my accurate email address. Then I said to just cancel the subscription under the inaccurate email and I would create another order under my correct email. So can you confirm orders for awill346@gmail.com with card ending in 6651 has ineffect been cancelled? Do you guys have a customer service phone number because I’m pretty sure all this back and forth would have been settled in one phone call as opposed to 2-3 days of emails back and forth especially when another Huel representative sends me a email that contradicts and is the exact opposite of what your telling me? But has the subscription been canceled under that email?

Aaron, I think there was a misunderstanding somewhere along the way. I have sent you a private message and your subscription has been cancelled.