Where's my order? It's been "dispatched"? No tracking

Hi. I was wondering if my order will ship today? I ordered on 3/29/20. The site shows that “it’s been dispatched” for 2 weeks (10 business days) now and I’ve yet to receive a tracking number, an email saying it’s been shipped or anything. This is my 1st time trying Huel and this is not a good 1st impression. I understand because of the Corona virus things are backed up, but communication is important.

I’m in the same boat. I ordered on the 4th and have the dispatched notification with no update after that. I emailed support on the 10th and have yet to hear back. Have you had any updates on yours?

Yup. Got an email on the 11th saying it’d be here the 14th. Finally got tracking through FedEx with the email as well. I didn’t post just here though, I sent an email to 2 of their emails as well. Support@huel.com

Hi @Tevere! Really happy I was able to assist via email over the weekend :smiley:

@enivas, I’ll send you over an email response right away as well! Your shipment is on the way and will be arriving this week.

Hope you both have a wonderful Monday!