Very gassy after a month

I’ve been drinking this stuff for a month and a half. Most days are huel-only days. Sometimes I eat dinner.

I love this stuff, but even after over a month of mostly huel I get terrible demon gas from hell everyday. Any tips on how to at least buffer this?

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I get the same thing, have to switch back to normal food for a couple days

What I have noticed is if I have Huel for breakfast and lunch - I try to have a healthy dinner. If I have something terrible like pizza, etc. for dinner, the demon arises and wishes to flute everyone with his pungent horror.

So if I do have regular food, I really try to make it healthy. That seems to keep the demon at bay. It could be a coincidence too.

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I am on my second bag. Starting slow. Only for breakfast with some instant coffee. On the plus side, I have no craving for food for the rest of the morning. On the minus side, I have gas for the rest of the day. I am hesitant to make the lunch Huel for fear that the gas will become worse. Wondering about adding something like Beano?

Increase the water and decrease the huel.

I have been having similar experiences with flatulence after 4 weeks on 50-75% Huel daily.
For some who ate the “standard American diet” prior, the increase in fiber content is typically the cause and goes away after your system adjusts. For me, it didn’t go away. Since a large proportion of Huel is pea protein, I hypothesized that the issue was more due to this. I have had issues with large intake of cruciferous vegetables in the past. I started taking alpha-galactosidase three times daily before I drink Huel, and after three days I’m happy to report the gas is significantly improved, if not gone completely.
Alpha-galactosodase is the ingredient in Beano, but there are store brand nonchewable caplets that I feel helped even more.
Hope you find some relief!!

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I have used Huel for about 6 months and I still get some nasty gas but switching to unsweetened from vanilla has reduced the quantity of them. The consensus is that it’s related to the sucralose. I have tried using beano and that almost seems to make it worse.

I’ve been having Huel for lunch for about a week now. Like others, I have encountered this flatulence hound on numerous occasions. I’ve noticed the same thing as @edolecki, if I have sensible meals, it’s not so bad, but if I eat some greasy deliciousness then… it’s just bad.

This doesn’t seem like your issue though, I’ve read on here that some ppl are expelling the gas demon with some holy Beano. Might be worth a shot :slight_smile:

Were it not for the digestive issues, I would use Huel for 75% of my meals. It is satisfying and my energy level is good. I have tried adding a half cup of yogurt and taking Gas-X Maximum and have had mixed results.

Read in another thread that people are having success using the unflavored and unsweetened version of Huel (U/U for short).

Try increasing the water and drink it slower. I drink mine over a 30-45 min period and I’ve had no gas. Good luck :grin:

I hate to resurrect this horrible thread, but I’m having this same issue. I started slowly on huel, having one meal a day for two weeks, then bumped it up to two meals, breakfast and lunch. I’ve been on Huel for about eight weeks now. Unfortunately, gas is HORRIBLE from this stuff. I’ve tried half vanilla half u/u, but that didn’t help. I don’t have any gas till I eat dinner, then for the rest of the evening I can actually feel gas bubbles in my intestine. Also, since trying out the berry flavor, I’ve had two nights in a row that I had to rush to the restroom immediately after eating dinner and have a blowout. I really enjoy Huel and would have two meals every day (including weekends), but I can’t take the gas/toilet trouble. Any other suggestions would be grateful and helpful. Thanks!

I think the high fiber content is the culprit. It is a temporary effect as your stomach adjusts. For most people it is over by 8 weeks, although for me it took about 12 weeks to start digesting Huel regularly. I believe some users have had some luck using a probiotic for a few days to fast forward the process.

I also recommend including some probiotics in your daily regime! Kombucha, gut shots, or even supplements.

I’ve been eating more beans for my regular meal and Huel for my work meal. I had gotten used to Huel already but my gut was getting more fiber from the beans. Beano gave some mild help. But what helped me the most was taking a probiotic. I know it sounds kinda gimmicky, but it really helped me.

In general, I think most of us Americans have not ingested the proper amount of fiber most of our lives. Not the levels that other cultures have, who are healthier than us. I know it sucks to have the gas, but eventually the Flora in the gut will get adjusted. There is just too much positive data on the benefits of dietary fiber so just try and stick it out for now. Take the probiotic and stick it out. It might end up helping your overall health. Might end up preventing cancer or other diseases. I


Ok cool. I went out and purchased probiotic gummies and I’ll give those a shot. I’ll also stick it out another eight weeks for the full adjustment period. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it!

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I had massive problems with this, as I had serious problems with gas no matter what I ate. Switching to Huel was a challenge in the gas department. I have been almost exclusively on Huel since August of last year, and although I still have issues, they are more in line with normal levels. My situation is likely quite different, and my approach is rather extreme, but I agree with other comments here. The solution for me was a lot more water and a lot of probiotics. Once my body adapted to the probiotics, the gas reduced substantially. I use a combination of probiotics with totaling about 400 billion CFU per day. That is probably way more than most people need, but my digestive system is a train wreck that is slowly becoming better thanks in no small part to Huel. In my case, I use RAW Ultimate Probiotics, and 1MD probiotics. I try to drink one gallon of plain water each day in addition to the one gallon of Huel I consume. This has helped me keep the gas under control so far. I truly believe finding the right type and amount of probiotics is challenging, as there are too many variables for a one size fits all solution. In my case, I had zero effect at all until I took the RAW probiotics, which initially had an extreme effect, but they are 100 billion CFU and 34 strains per capsule, so it it not like the typical drug store variety that might have 10-20 billion CFU and only a few strains. And I agree with other comments about fiber being part of the cause. The probiotics supposedly help digest fiber better, so there is less gas.

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