2 weeks of Huel, and no end of gas in sight

I have been on Huel twice daily for 2 weeks, and the gas is still weapons-grade and pretty constant in the evening( I have Huel for breakfast and lunch, with a solid food meal for dinner). My diet has not been the best before this and I was aware that switching to high fiber would potentially cause issues, but it has not eased up. My stools, while not runny (most of the time) are not quite solid either. I can live with soft-serve stools, but the gas could honestly be classified as a biological weapon.
I am unsure if it is the increased protein, increased fiber, or the Sucralose that is causing my guts to be displeased with me. Since there are no samples, and I am unwilling to buy two bags just to find out that Black or the gluten-free variant doesn’t work either, I am unsure what to do. I have greatly increased my water intake, and a low or high day doesn’t seem to affect the gas at all.
Is there something I can take to help ease the transition to this type of nutrition?

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Hey @deep.sky - welcome to the US Huel forum!

If it’s alright, I Have a couple questions! Did you go right to having Huel twice daily or did you gradually work your way to this amount? Have you tried once per day a couple days during the week and if so, did this reduction help at all?

Another thing to remember is hydration! Have you been staying adequately hydrated? With increases in fiber, hydration is important.

Let me know :blush:

Yes I did a couple of days a week at once a day for a couple of weeks, and it was just as bad. I increased due to not having enough of my usual breakfast food (oatmeal) and I found the Huel to fill me up better so I switched to twice a day, hoping it would help speed up the adaptation process, but no joy.

According to my water tracker, I am at between 80-100 oz of water total per day.

Have you tried digestive enzymes or probiotics?

If/when you purchase more Huel, try Black. It doesn’t have Splenda.

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I am taking deliver today of my subscription; I will see if I can exchange for Black.

What kind of enzymes/probiotics would you recommend?

I want to be careful to not give anything that would either seem like medical advice or product recommendations…

So google and compare links. Paying more doesn’t mean better.

The gist of the suggestion: enzymes help break down the complex molecules (various sugars) before they can feed gut bacteria that make gas. Probiotics are better-behaved bacteria that make less gas, and by being good neighbors in your gut actually prevent overgrowth of the bad gas bacteria.

You will probably find suggestions to eat more fermented food like yogurt (or kimchi, or kombucha) they’re all kinda gross, imo … but the idea there is also to increase the good bacteria in your “microbiome” (aka, gut bacteria & then some)

If you have good outcome, please do share :slight_smile:

I experienced similar, in my 4th going on 5th week (I’m new) I can say it’s significantly more relaxed, some bloating, I call it Huel tummy but I just had my morning Huel with a scoop of Sunwarrior Collagen which I couldn’t tolerate at same time and less than 15 minutes later I feel full and no discomfort or gas as previous. I think I was in my 3rd week and could feel a notable feeling after eating start to more quickly relax.
So, in short I’m very new as well but can tell you that I hope your experiences are like mine and your tummy begins to relax a bit, like mine. Best of luck.

I guess you could try something like Gas X or beano, but I’m not sure if those are long term solutions (if it continues). I like to eat raw organic sauerkraut as a salad some nights, and that seems to help. (seems counter intuitive, but it’s loaded with probiotics, so I think that’s why it helps).