Bad Gut, diarrhea after 4 weeks of Huel

I’ve been on Huel going on 4 weeks now taking it 2 to 3 times a day. I read that in the first week your body is getting used to the new diet and can cause flatulence and whatnot. Which it was heavily. Shortly after that I began to have a normalized bowel with very healthy bowels. However for the last 2 weeks now I have had nothing but diarrhea and gas all day, and I’ve noticed that if I take a day off of it and eat a regular diet my bowels normalize for the day. Any ideas Huel? I’m additionally concerned because of the high fiber content I wouldn’t think I would be having this problem.

Hey @Erik_Johannessen! Are you using Huel for every meal or just once or twice a day right now?

Two or 3 times a day, usually eating a regular dinner

Huel is high in fiber, but this includes soluble and insoluble fiber, so your stools should be normal and regular once your body adjusts to the dietary change. Every body and dietary needs are different, so we recommend reducing your intake to 1-2 servings for a longer period of time before increasing to 3 again.

So four weeks of taking huel is not considered enough time for my body to get used to it?

Any knowledge as to whether food enzymes would help

Sorry, missed the obvious there! Somehow, thought you said 2 weeks.
The below thread has a lot of helpful tips. Let us know if any of these work for you!

For me it took about six weeks. I have a stubborn digestive system

On my 4th bag of Huel and yeah this is pretty awful. I’m bloated, my gas is horrid and my stools are, well, like gloppy, sticky Huel. (I’m on a Huel-only diet.)

The first two bags I did not have this issue- they were from Amazon. The 2nd order was from Huel direct. I think I read the formula changed.