Tummy Issues, oh no!

I tend to be gassier than the typical person, and I’ve recently started Huel Black three days ago in hopes of being healthier and losing weight. So far I have experienced a slight headache and the occasional hunger pangs but those have gone away for the most part and I know my body is still adjusting, but this gas problem has been an ongoing issue no matter what I try and it seems Huel has intensified that. Is there anything I can possibly do that will supersede that? Thank You in advance for any advice. :smile:

It could be the increase in fiber that your body might not be used to. Have you tried adding some more water to your powder? I’ve seen that work for many people in these forums.


No i have not but i will definitely try that. Thank you

Hey @djlildee. Welcome to the Huel Forum!! :grin:

I agree with David, it could be related to the change in intake and the higher fiber content of Huel. You also want to be sure you are hydrating throughout the day, especially as you increase fiber.

How often are you having Huel and how are you making it?

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I am currently having Huel twice a day. Once for breakfast and another after breakfast and before lunch as a mid-morning snack, I plan to integrate it into lunch and after lunch before dinner. I make it the usual way with 17 oz of water and 2 scoops of Huel. I also sometimes add a flavoring packet. I also feel my heart beating rapidly at times, I hope that’s not cause for alarm. Thank you for your feedback and help. @Charlotte_huel

I eat Huel 8 to 9 times a day currently depending on a few factors. That being said, it took about a week for my body to adjust to it. For me after that week as long as it is blended the opposite has occurred. My digestive system is humming along like a machine. I feel awesome all the time. I’m self employed so I work basically as many hours as I can tolerate. Last week I clocked 70 hours(which I’ve never even come close to before), it would have been more but it shuts down at certain times. I took the first day off in 2 weeks today because I had a dental appointment. I’ll be back at it tomorrow. That being said, my experience is that once your body adjusts to it, any remaining gas is normal. I do not get stomach aches or pains and I have IBD so it’s really a godsend. To clarify before anyone asks that’s 8 to 9 200 calorie single scoop meals. I never eat double scoops.

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I’ve never thought to do single scoops more frequently, for me, as a means to tame my appetite a bit. Do you find on 8-9 fuelings a day that you’re consistently satiated throughout the day?

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Yup, but I also have a much higher basal rate. Over 2200 calories per day(edit, wrong thread on basal rate). I am significantly more productive and energized on the Huel.

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I recently modified how i intake Huel. I still take it twice a day breakfast and right after breakfast before lunch. I now mix it with 20oz of water, for breakfast i have two scoops of Huel with one scoop of protein powder essentially equaling 60g of protein just for breakfast. For lunch I have one scoop of Huel with a scoop of BCAA’s and 20oz of water which gives me energy and subsides my upset stomach. so hopefully this keeps working for me, and please tell me if this isn’t and safe and healthy way to take Huel. Thank you.

@djlildee The extra protein isn’t necessary because your body can only absorb so much. Also depending on how long you have been on Huel, there is an acclimation period.