My experience after one bag: stomach problems


I am almost done with the first bag. Usually take it in the morning and noon, and then a full meal for dinner (not everyday). Happy with the fullness, weight loss, and nutritional value- however it causes bad gas- I was hoping it would go away after a few weeks but it did not. Some people suggested probiotics- If you know a particular strain that has helped with this particular problem let me know. Otherwise I will probably stop.


I’m sorry to hear you’re having stomach problems lately. Huel is higher in fiber than most food we typically eat. Because Huel is high in fiber sometimes this can lead to gas. Generally this settles once the gut gets used to the dietary change. However, since the issue is persisting, here’s some advice from fellow Huelers:

@edolecki, "What I have noticed is if I have Huel for breakfast and lunch - I try to have a healthy dinner. If I have something terrible like pizza, etc. for dinner, the demon arises and wishes to flute everyone with his pungent horror.

So if I do have regular food, I really try to make it healthy. That seems to keep the demon at bay. It could be a coincidence too."

@miked, “I definitely noticed more gas/gurgling with vanilla, so I started mixing 50:50 and that helped.”

@arni0202, “You can always take a Gas-X pill around the time you eat your shake to help resolve this.”

@coup, "UK Hueler here. It took my body about 6 months to adjust to Huel. At the start I had heartburn, gas, burps etc. Part of this was down to my portion size being too large at 120g. I lowered it to 90g and it made a big difference and the rest of the symptoms went over time. I now get no symptoms.

I’ve never been 100% and use Huel for 1-2 meals a day."

Hope these suggestions help! Let us know if the stomach issues persist.


Just my two cents, I found if I don’t drink enough water throughout the day, the vanilla messes with my system a bit. Nothing unbearable, but if you ask my wife - she’ll tell you another story :laughing: so, I just make sure to get enough water in during the day. I use my spare Huel shaker to mix up some lemon juice and water - not full, maybe 200ml and then I lay it on it’s side in the freezer. This makes room for me to fill up the shaker in the morning with regular water and it stays cold with the lemon ice generally until I finish the water. Once I finish that one, I have some water flavors - or just more lemon juice that I use the second time around.


Try the enzyme alpha-galactosidase… it’s the same enzyme in Beano. I got the generic version from Walmart, not sure where you’re located, but they also have it on various shops online. But I take 1200 GALU before each Huel meal and I experience no gas now! Before I was clearing out the room.