Anyone else getting nasty farts?

I’ve had Huel for 1 or 2 meals a day for 2 weeks now and I still have the foulest hot sulfuric rotten egg smelling farts that linger for minutes. Is it just me?


Huel is higher in fiber than most food we typically eat. Because Huel is high in fiber sometimes this can lead to gas. Generally, this settles once the gut gets used to the dietary change. I would recommend lowering your intake of Huel to 1 per day or a half serving to allow your body to comfortably adjust.


The 1 teaspoon cinnamon provided relief from this after about a month for me.


UK Hueler here. It took my body about 6 months to adjust to Huel. At the start I had heartburn, gas, burps etc. Part of this was down to my portion size being too large at 120g. I lowered it to 90g and it made a big difference and the rest of the symptoms went over time. I now get no symptoms.

I’ve never been 100% and use Huel for 1-2 meals a day.


Other than the mentioned fiber, I have not suspected anything specific to Huel to cause that issue (though it may vary on the individual level). I have experienced what you are talking about but not consistently for that long.

In the last month or so, I have consistently eaten 3 meals a day and days have varied from 100% Huel to 100% non-Huel and everywhere in between. My sample size is too small to say anything conclusive, but during my multi-day stretches of 100% Huel I did not have any particular issue, so suspected other times that it was more the result of my mixed diet.


Each person is a unique individual with highly individualized nutritional requirements. Personal differences in anatomy, metabolism, body composition and cell structure all influence your overall health and the foods that make you feel your best. That’s why we suggest our customers to start with 1 serving of Huel per day and go from there.


I did have that problem for a couple of weeks, but my body adjusted. I’m generally on about 50% Huel, but if I stop for a few days, the gas does return for a day or so. I don’t worry about it.

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It is definitely something you have to ease into.
I’ve noticed some flatulence when transitioning into a more shake based diet.
That goes for ANY of the shakes I’ve tried and I’ve tried about a dozen.

This is surprisingly one of the less farty shakes. It also depends on what you eat solid-food wise around the same time as the shake. I found having a steak or rich meaty dish for dinner after a lunch shake, produces very fragrant farts. lol.
You can always take a Gas-X pill around the time you eat your shake to help resolve this.


I had my first Huel drinks last night and boy oh boy, even my cat was wincing at my SBDs. Nothing at all today though, so I suspect it was actually the coconut milk I used in one of the shakes, too rich for me.

It’s probably the increase in fiber causing that. It took me awhile before that went away. However it would get worse if I didn’t eat a decent meal when I did… for instance pizza killed me for a dinner.

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I’ve had the opposite experience (3 scoops a day). Gas and bloating completely went away when I started on Huel.

The surculose in the Vanilla can ferment in some people’s digestive system causing bad farts. I ordered the unsweetened for that reason and plan to add my own sweetener, maybe bananas, frozen fruit, or agave.

Yes. High protein, high fiber diet, with your GI not adjusted to it = stinky farts. Hopefully my gut adjusts to the nutritional changes in a couple weeks.

I started blending with fresh leafy greens or frozen broccoli/spinach and these went away for me.


The ppl that are denying the gas issue… :rofl:



Drink plenty of water in addition to the Huel shakes. I’m doing 100% Huel now with a random snack or meal of solid food once in awhile. I do sometimes blend veggies or fruit into my shakes too. I eased my body slowly into using it this often (as it says in the manual you get with your 1st order). My gut adjusted and the “unspeakable things you blame on the dog” quickly faded. :wink:

I get the opposite effect, Im 100percent huel 6 days a week and eat dinner on sundays. Its when i eat traditional food that i get the stinky problem

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Yes. I have tried beano and gas-x but they make little difference. It does seem to be waning lately but still pretty bad.I have been on huel 3.5 scoops a meal twice daily for a few months now.

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I have been on Huel 2 meals a day for about 6 months. I was using 2 scoops Vanilla, 1 scoop U/U. I too had this terrible gas you speak of. I switched to just U/U and the gas was gone almost overnight, so for me I think it was the sucralose. Now I just need a new way to flavor my breakfasts, as I have a serious sweet tooth.

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