Tips for getting rid of 3.0 clumps?

Not here to discuss the long term viability of the brand. Also not here to debate whether 3.0 clumps (see the photo of my breakfast). Just wondering if anyone has figured out how to get rid of clumps without using anything other than water, powder and the Huel brand shaker?


I posted this on another thread, but the approach I’ve tried with some success is to shake like mad…let it sit for 5-10 minutes…then shake like mad again. It seemed to get rid of most of the lumps. If I just shake it once…even for 30 seconds or more…it will clump. This is for chocolate (I have not tried mixing vanilla in anything other than an electric blender).


Okay, thank you. I will give this a try for lunch and see what happens.

A few ice cubes has always helped me to prevent any clumping since version 1.0. If that’s an option I would give it a shot.

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I can definitely add ice when I am at home or in the office. But I’m trying to see if I can get away with just water (in its liquid form lol), powder, and shaker for times when I am traveling, outdoors, etc.

Tried it. No dice.

Ahh, not good. I’m all out of ideas I’m afraid…although I did read another thread on Reddit where somebody mentioned that by shaking the whole bag of Huel powder a few times it helped with clumping. I haven’t tried that but maybe worth a shot?

I think I found a solution. after I drop two scoops on top of the water,I take a fork or knife near by and gently stir the powder (careful not to let it touch the water.). the clump occurs (in my case) when the powder is packed from scooping from the bag. then i place two ice cubes, the plastic grate and give it a normal shake. tried it for a week to see…zero clumps.

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I use a blender ball and don’t have any issues with clumps.


yeah buy one

they are cheap

I also shake like mad, and then uh, if there’s some clumps at the bottom i just add a bit more water, shake again, and drink em. I assume the extra water is good for me.

These are great tips! I just received my first shipment of Huel today and my new blender won’t arrive until Thursday. I wanted to give my first experience its best chance and this helps.


same as others it seems; starting with water, blender ball, and if you can, let it sit for a few minutes; however the best is overnight in the fridge.


Damn! I thought I was the only one having Clumps… In my case there are lots of them and I have to break them with the back of a spoon… They are pretty big but since it’s my first order I assume I’m just not used to it at the moment. I’d love to have a smooth texture because yester it was quite hard to drink it all.

I have the same problem. I noticed the vanilla clumps more than the berry.

400 calories isn’t enough, I need 600 calories so I bought a 48 oz blender bottle - but then I got a ton of clumps!!! I’ll try letting it sit and shaking again. I think I have an extra blender ball around here too somewhere, has anyone tried using two of them?

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Really? Blender bottle works wonders for me. You try using two balls in the cup?

I just bought one of those hand blenders and it mixes the Huel completely, no clumps! It adds about a minute to prep time and clean up but well worth it.


I know this isn’t the Huel bottle, but the best shaker I ever had that I used for protein before I would just buy them pre-mixed had spikes in the lid. It was a godsend, never had to worry about clumps, and it wasn’t even designed for protein shakes. They marketed it as a kitchen mixer for stuff like pancake powder and whatnot. Either way it got rid of the clumps for sure. The biggest problem is that I can’t find them anywhere anymore. I used to buy them from Walmart for a few bucks a pop. I used to have a bunch before I moved. I wish I could locate them again.

I’m going to see if I have a spare ball around here - I think I might…then I’ll have two. I also just bought ice cube trays, so I’ll be able to try ice as well.