Tips for getting rid of 3.0 clumps?

So I put my 25 oz of water and 3 scoops in my big blender bottle (vanilla, too, which is the extra clumpy one), shook the heck out of it and stuck it in the fridge for about 20 minutes (I was going to leave it for an hour or two, until my usual lunch time, but I got hungry, sue me lol). Then I added a couple of ice cubes and shook the heck out of it again.

So far I have not gotten a mouth full of clumps (which was my experience a couple days ago). Maybe it’s too early to declare success, but it’s a definite improvement.

I found success doing the following:
put a little water in the shaker first, then powder, then fill the rest of the water.
Then shake (i dont shake for very long or very hard) then put it in the fridge for tomorrow.

I make all my meals the night before, when i pull out of the fridge the next day i add a little water and mix it up and little bit and its smooth, no chunks, etc.


I use a Blender Bottle™ with the metal whisk ball. I don’t have clump issues with vanilla Huel. I know using a 3rd party bottle isn’t exactly a solution, but it works if you’re serious about getting rid of them. Besides, the bottle is easier to clean than the Huel one.

Basically what I use everyday; I have a blend-tec gathering dust since starting Huel

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I’m a newb, but I haven’t had the clumps yet. I shake for about 30 sec. Let it sit while I make a coffee and then shake again for about 30 secs more.