Powder clumps, solutions?

My Huel tends to clump when I shake it or mix it in a glass. What do you guys do to prevent that?

I always use a blender, put the suspension in a container, put in my lunch bag with cold packs. I tried shaking it a few times and i now always use a blender.

Blender works for me. :slight_smile:

I also use a blender but if it’s not possible, try a whisk in a bowl, preferably one with a spout (like a 4 cup Pyrex).

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I like the clumps. Gives me something to chew on.


I was ok with a few clumps too initially :yum: but I also used to work really hard to shake it. Like exercise. :muscle: I don’t like having to clean my blender so often either. And leaving it too long in the fridge gives it a weird, almost gelatinous texture for me. The simplicity, portablity, speed, and ease of just using Huel and a shaker bottle is important to me.

So I got a different type of shaker bottle. Replacing my bottle with a better designed one solved the problem of clumps for me.

When I’m at home I blend it in a blender. That’s definitely the way to go. At work, I don’t have access to a blender, so I got a shaker cup with the little metal ball. I think the ball makes all the difference when you’re shaking as opposed to blending.

Happy Hueling!

I use an immersion blender in the huel shaker. Cleanup is just put another 400mL water in the shaker and “blend” to rinse off the blender. Sometimes I might have to wipe off a flax seed or two (how are they able to stick to everything so well?)

I have considered a nutribullet or vitamix but I really dislike the cleanup so have been wary.

I guess the ice cubes would act like the mixing ball if you added to the shaker, maybe that’s a “hack” to minimize clumps?


While Huel Offers a great shaker bottle, I own 2 Blender Bottles that are pretty close to the same as the Huel Shakers, but they have a wire coil like ball inside to help break up the clumps. You can go to Blender Balls website and order the wire ball whisk to add to your Huel Bottle for under $4. US


I find the amount of clumps depend a lot on the order in which I add the ingredients to my Huel shaker. Adding the powder before adding any water screws up the result, and so does aggressively shaking the shaker up and down. It results in the powder getting stuck at the top, and huge clumps forming.

My procedure looks something like this: I add about 3 to 4 finger breadths of water followed by my 3 scoops of Huel powder. Once added I shake my shaker horizontally to avoid the powder from getting stuck at the top of the shaker. Then I fill the shaker with water to the top and give it a few more shakes. For me this tends to result in a really smooth mixture and a pleasant shake.


Thanks for the tip about horizontal shaking, I’ll try that!

I mix unsweetened Huel with vanilla Huel (one third of U/U) and I’m okay with small clumps of vanilla Huel. I really don’t want to use the blender, it takes too much time.

I mix some water and unsweetened Huel first, rigorously, and then add the vanilla and shake rigorously again. And then add more water and shake again. Most of the time it’s pretty well blended. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

I have been using the Huel shaker and following their recommended mixing process and have not had any clumps (other than once adding Huel first then water). 400ml water, 3 scoops, a few ice cubes, shake for 10-15 seconds, add additional water on top (not a precise measurement for me) and shake again.

Clumps = flavor nuggets


My technique is ever evolving but I have experienced the least clumps using a controversial hot water process.

  1. Turn on the sink on hot and wait till its nice and steamy.
  2. Half fill your Huel cup with hot water.
    (Don’t let it sit for too long from this point forward)
  3. Add three scoops of Huel and put on the lid.
  4. Shake the Huel vigorously for about 10 seconds - I do a shake-weight type motion with my left hand with the lid facing me, with my right hand securing the lid.
  5. Turn on the sink on cold and wait until the hot water is gone.
  6. Fill the rest of the container with cold water.
  7. Gently tilt the container upside down and upside up a few times to mix the cold and hot water.

The resulting mixture is luke-warm to slightly cold, depending on your sink I suppose. I get dramatically less clumps this way, don’t have to make ice or clean a blender, and am done with eating and cleaning inside of 5 minutes every morning.

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This sounds complicated

I use an immersion blender in the huel shaker
I drink the shake in about 2 minutes
I rinse the shaker and blend again in clean water

Using a blender ensures no lumps; highly recommend

I was getting some lumps in my Huel shaker for a time, but now I get maybe one a week. The change I made was to always have ice cubes in the shaker on the bottom. This helps keep the Huel off the very bottom and sticking. Then I add my Huel scoops and 3/4 of my water in and shake asap. Do not let the water sit in the shaker without shaking it. Then finish filling the rest of the water and shake again. I also ensure to hold the shaker upside down, to allow gravity to help get the dry Huel off the bottom and into the water.

Hope this helps remove your lump problem!

After I put my 16 ozs of water in the cup, I will put one scoop in at a time shaking it up and adding another scoop repeating the same shaking and adding the last scoop and flavor crystals. After all the scoops are in, I, then shake the cup vigorously for 10-15 seconds to make sure there are no lumps. I also use a whisk ball from an old Blender Bottle to help with the blending.

Ninja BL482 with IQ. 1 button operation. Blend and drink from the same no leak glasses. Cleanup can be as simple as a 10sec rinse off of the removable blade portion. Insulated cups available.