I love Huel except more than half ends up clumped @ the bottom

I love Huel but no matter how much I shake it or even put ice cubes in it, it always clumps at the bottom of the cup. I would rather not throw half of my product away and if I have to use a blender I might as well make my own fresh smoothies. Do you have any suggestions?

The search function in this forum can become your new best friend :slight_smile:

Thats really not very helpful. If you have an answer, please let me know. telling someone to search for it is kind of pointless.

It’s pretty lazy on your part to make mention of something that’s been beaten to a pulp when you can search for the 100+ posts on the same topic.

Since I’m in a good mood, I’ll indulge the topic.

  1. Fill up with water
  2. Add powder
  3. Fill up with more water
  4. Shake

If all else fails, blend.

I would really like to understand how or why this clumping plagues some and not others.

Are you using tap water? Have you tried filtered or bottled water to rule out ‘something’ in your water that contributes to clumping?

Have you tried shaking the bag before you open it? If the powder has settled and is mechanically lodged into itself that might make shaking in the cup insufficient to get good distribution in liquid. Are you shaking vigorously enough?

If you don’t figure it out, i suggest an immersion blender. You stick it right into the shaker cup (or the cup it comes with) and 15-20 seconds you have perfectly smooth Huel. Cleanup is another 20 seconds of “blending” clean washer to rinse. I really doubt you could make your own nutritionally equivalent smoothies in as little time (and as little cost)

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Thank you for the helpful reply miked. I will try that and you are right!

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Not sure how you are adding the water but I have always found it best to fill the shaker about halfway with water/milk, add Huel and a few cubes of ice. Shake then fill to 25 oz with more water and shake again. I also let mine sit in the fridge until lunch time. Never been big on drinking right after shaking. I prefer it chilled.

I use a shaker with a blender ball and don’t have any issues with clumping.

Blender ball, neat and they are only like a dollar. Thanks!

Ya. I think if Huel just included a blender ball, most complaints about clumping would disappear.

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I think I found a solution. (posted this in one other thread) After I drop two scoops on top of the water,I take a fork or knife near by and gently stir only the powder (careful not to let it touch the water.). the clump occurs (in my case) when the powder is packed from scooping from the bag. then i place two ice cubes, the plastic grate and give it a normal shake. tried it for a week to see…zero clumps.