Clumps in my Huel

I just got my Huel yesterday and tried it but there were big clumps of powder still together and I couldn’t drink it. I’m not sure if it wasn’t shook good enough but I didn’t care for the taste either. Should I try a blender? Should I try to eat it normally and then start adding different ingredients? Or should I add different ingredients then work my way down to just a normal Vanilla Huel?

The video on the site showing how to mix Huel hits all the points … I shake more like 30 seconds, add more water and shake another 20-30 seconds. Somebody posted shaking like those shake weight commercials too. I think the ice cubes help and that little screen is amazing.

As far as flavor … read through the forum because people come up with amazing “hacks” to add things that folks seem to love!

Maybe someone can post a link to a place where all the recipes live???

You can find delish Huel recipes, here: :man_cook:

A blender is a great way to start out on Huel! Also, be sure to add the liquid first to avoid lumps. A popular flavor option mentioned on the forum is powdered peanut butter, coffee, and of course, our flavor boosts. Hope this helps! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any further assistance.

Using the Huel shaker, here’s how I avoid massive clumps:

  1. 400ml water in the shaker first
  2. 3 scoops Huel (and flavor, if desired)
  3. Add the screen and the cap, screw on and shake vigorously for ~30 sec.
  4. Open the bottle, add water to ~600ml mark, add about a handful of ice cubes. Top off with more water.
  5. Shake for another 30 seconds, vigorously. I alternate directions to mix it up on this one.

The Vanilla Huel just requires more elbow grease to mix well. I found that adding a little more water helped, but you have to be certain you get a tight seal on the cap. You really have to shake it like dollar bills are going to spew out of the thing if you do it hard enough. That little screen is amazing, though, and really does help get a good mix. I left it out once to see if it was a gimmick – not at all!

Blending Huel is definitely the way to go if you have time. The result is mixed very well and comes out kinda creamy/smooth. It’s definitely my preferred way to prepare Huel.

For flavor packets, my family loves the chocolate mint. The chocolate is okay, but lacks a strong flavor. Banana tastes pretty fake, but it’s potent. And the coffee is okay, but doesn’t come close to just adding real coffee to your shaker over ice.

Another good tip for clean up is to just fill your shaker with water when you’re done, shake, and drink it down. No waste, no clumps; just a weak flavored Huel, and the extra water is definitely appreciated by your body (About 20% of our water intake is covered by the water in regular food).

Flavors are super subjective, but a few things I’ve tried:

  1. Anything berry, blended – This is always a solid option. I use frozen mixed berries.
  2. Pomegranate juice, 1 cup – It’s pretty strong, and honestly I tend to mix this with other stuff, but just straight works well, even when watered down.
  3. Chocolate Peanut butter – I prefer the real stuff, so a blender is necessary. I’ve used the banana powder with this too, but it’s just okay. A real banana is the way to go.
  4. Cinnamon, nutmeg, 3 drops of Orange oil – This is downright delicious. I replace water with 600ml of almond milk for this one. So good.

I’m used to protein shakes, so the regular vanilla Huel was always fine to me. Definitely poke around on the site for some more recipes! There’s a lot of great stuff made by the community.

I am a relatively new user as well. I do use a blender and have found mixing with brewed coffee and the cappuccino flavor to be very tasty.

When you are making your meal (water to level 5, Huel powder, crushed ice) top with the screen gently settle and screw on lid. Shake vigorously side to side the ice helps them turn over the clumps settle to the screen. You might notice the empty space as you shake. When you think shook enough. Open spout fill a bit more with water.

I only drink the vanilla version. I have been drinking Huel for 8 months and I find blending the only way to drink this without clumps.
I hate clumps and I have tried several different containers with a many different ways short of voodoo.
Blending is better because you can make recipes for the day instead of one shake at a time.
ex. 2 servings of huel, blueberries,spinach, 1/2 banana. I use large mason jars to store them for lunch 4-5 at a time. This makes two jars.
Breakfast Coffee huel: 2 servings of huel, coffee/water, coca nibs, 2 servings of a coffee protein powder

i haven’t tried with a blender, as i generally do m-f, and my kiddo is asleep when i’m making my morning drink. most of the time, i don’t have any issues with clumping (2 scoops u/u, 1 vanilla), but every once in a while nothing i can do will make it smooth. go figure.