Huel Clumping-anyone else?


Hey All!

Loving my Huel. But can’t get the proportions correct to stop clumping. Right now I’m using Ice, 3 scoops, and water.

Any other suggestions?


If you are making Huel on the go then it might not be an option to blend it, but I’ve found that this works best to avoid clumps. I blend it the night before and store in the fridge until morning.


I also recommend making your Huel the night before and leaving it in the refrigerator overnight. It helps to change the texture a bit and thickens it up! It’s my favorite way to drink it.


I do the same as you and get no clumps. Granted the 10 second shake doesn’t work. I shake vigorously for closer to 30


Are you using at least 600 ml of water total? Without a blender, I found that 600 ml is the bare minimum needed to get it mostly smooth. And you gotta shake real vigorously. This is oat powder based.

But I blender mix all mine, toss in a few cubes, and store it in an insulated drink container in the fridge overnight. Then take with me to work next day. It’s generally the best way to prep Huel.


i had issues for a while, and then i started going 400mL, huel, shake for min 30 secs, add ~200 mL water. now i rarely get clumps…


I shake for 10 seconds or even less, but always use the ice guard as a mixer which eliminates the chunks for me. My process is to fill half the cup, add three scoops, put on the ice guard, close the bottle and shake for maybe 7 seconds, fill the other half, tilt the bottle upside down and upside up a few times, and then pound it. I’ve got it down to about two minutes now including consumption and cleaning up.


I don’t have any clumping issues, probably because I never went over 2 scoops. But I’d suggest you try one of those rechargeable stainless steel shaker bottles that have a blender inside it, like PROMiXX 2.0, I heard it works very well with Huel, haven’t tried it myself yet though.


@RMDance, I agree with @omikes. It is important not to fill the shaker all the way before shaking. My morning process: fill 300ml water and 100ml Ripple milk, add 3 scoops Huel and any other flavorings, 3 ice cubes, put strainer and lid on, shake for 15-20 seconds, top off to 700 ml with more water, shake again.

Also, some people have recommended immersion blenders instead of a full size blender. Never used one myself though.


I add water, then Huel, then three ice cubes, then the grid thing, then shake. Then some times add more water. My 3-scoop Huel today was about 600ml total I think. I haven’t tried really ‘watery’ Huel yet…