The vanilla is just too sweet


Curious to hear how this turns out. Let us know!


Seems like the flavor had varied heavily based on what I’ve read on the forums here. Let us know what you think of the unflavored and any subsequent orders that drastically change in flavor!


So like an unsweetened vanilla flavor to compliment the sweetened vanilla, as well as the unflavored/unsweetened?


They produced a batch (apparently in error) that didn’t contain any sweetener. My very first shipment contained two of those “defective” bags. However I really liked it! As did some others here.

When I placed my reorder, I ordered three more bags of the same vanilla flavor. The first bag I’ve opened has the sweetener. I don’t like artificial sweeteners. They’re not healthy and taste awful!

So they’re recommending I try the unflavored/unsweetened powder. I’m not sure if that’s the right answer though. I like the vanilla! Just not the Stevia.


Agreed - I think an unsweetened vanilla option would be great. Maybe even a vanilla option with a natural sweetener. I do think increasing their flavor options overall would be beneficial to both customers and their business as well. Huel - if you’re listening please run a campaign asking your customers which flavors/sweetener options they’d best like to see next!


Just received the new bags yesterday - sadly they are the same batch number as the old bags (93385). Good news, they are slightly sweeter (my wife says it isn’t - wishful thinking on my part maybe?). Bad news is they are still not very sweet and have a bad chalky texture and after taste. It also doesn’t seem to be as “thick” after mixing with water as my original bags. Really, really bummed about all of this :pensive:

I’m sending back my other 2 bags to Huel so they can hopefully figure out what’s going on here and see that I’m not just crazy lol. I think I’m going to try and get through these 2 “new” bags and just hope they get everything sorted out prior to my next shipment. I would feel bad to continue going through this over and over and wasting bags (and costs on Huel’s part) trying to get the right flavor.


That’s unfortunate :confused:

Hopefully Huel is helping out by paying for shipping costs for you to return these bad batches. I’m really hoping that my bags(deliver tomorrow! yay!) aren’t tainted as yours are. I ordered 7 vanilla and 1 U/U. I’ll reply here once I open mine and get to make a shake. If I’m experiencing any of the same poor taste/qualities I’ll let you know.


They did indeed pay for the shipping and the customer service at Huel (Teresa and Sothan) is simply outstanding. They really do stand behind their product!

Hope you enjoy your Huel! Curious to hear how it goes - fingers crossed!


It would seem that Customer Service at Huel is indeed better than most. Loving how active they are here on their forums :slight_smile:

Will do @cmb! Might do an unboxing/first taste test video. Post here if I do :slight_smile:


Thanks @zwright7.

Looking forward to seeing your unboxing! :slight_smile:


I was so excited when I received my Huel tonight that I just opened it up and went straight to town. Had my first shake - will definitely be posting in a new thread for first impressions.

Will still do a video just because I said I would :wink:


I would love an unsweetened vanilla! I love the flavor, but it is just too sweet for me, and i don’t do well with surcalose. I basically live on unsweetened with no sugar at all. I love t though i would like to change it up a little.



Have you tried adding any of the spices from your spice rack? Cinnamon is an easy one. (Nutmeg and cloves, etc. will make you think you’re drinking a pie)

Also, there are many “extracts” in addition to the traditional vanilla extract.

You can also substitute some of the water with any juice you like. I’ve been using diet V8 splash berry blend - i like it.


I was adding cinnamon, and extracts. Cinnamon unfortunately was causing reflux… Who knew! Just got used to uu and now i very rarely add anything or even bother with the blender.


Happy to hear you found what works for you! :raised_hands:


I agree the vanilla is two sweet. With my first order I got 3 bags … 2 U/U and 1 vanilla.

To use the vanilla and cut the sweetness I mix one scoop of vanilla and two scoops U/U. Going forward I’ll just get U/U then use honey if I want it sweetened.


Water is best. On my first glass; too thick, too sweet. I just made it thinner. I need more water anyway. And my body is adjusting to it as well. Water is the best solvent in the world so try it. You may get two great glasses out of one Huel serving. Too much of a good thing can sometimes make a body happier!


I really like vanilla. I am a convert from Garden of Life raw meal. Huel is in my opinion much better and cost effective. I also mix it in my blendtec blender to get rid of the gritty texture. It works great for me.


Did you ever get your issue with the Vanilla not having a taste figured out? It feels like I’m drinking unflavored oatmeal.


Hi there :wave: Sorry to hear you’re having problems with your Huel! I would definitely recommend checking out our flavor tips, flavor boost add-ins, and recipes to see if that enhances the flavor for you. Don’t hesitate to send me a message on the forum or hit us up at with any questions you have. Hope this helps!