Unsweetening Huel

I received the Vanilla Huel recently instead of the unsweetened/unflavored version and am finding it way too sweet. Has anyone got tips on how to unsweeten it? Not sure what to add that might work. Not sure I can get through two full bags of this without a hack!

I had the other problem - I could not get through two packets of unsweetened / unflavored version. :slight_smile:
I would go with not adding ice / using room temperature water and drinking it immediately without storing it. Also, mixing some quantity of the unflavored / unsweetened version might bring down the sweetness.

Have you tried adding unsweetened cocoa powder?

Or peppermint? (extract, think candy cane)

Or peanut butter? Extra fat, plus extra sweet makes you think of Reese’s cup (sure, add the cocoa too)

Ooh, peanut butter is one of my favourite foods … good idea, I’ll try that.

Thanks - I’ll try chugging! :smile:

If you have any leftover U/U, mixing the two is the preferred method of many Huelers, myself included. We’ve heard of other hacks like a squeeze of lemon juice to cut the sweetness or simply adding more water to dilute the flavor. Also, keep in mind that leaving your Huel in the fridge will make it sweeter.

Thanks. I tried the lemon juice. Not bad!


I was reading a recipe for peanut butter curry somewhere, so maybe you could try that. Other than that, I really don’t know. There really is not a way to unsweetened something.


Cinnamon by itself has a mild bitter taste. Which is why most of us add it in small amounts. I am wondering if adding a bit more might mute the sweetener in vanilla Huel.

Another option might be to use an unsweetened almond milk. The creaminess of the milk, combined with the fact it’s not adding more sweetness, might do the trick.

Of course, a sure fire way to unsweeten is to mix with V8 juice. It’ll definitely change the flavor… Although I personally don’t like it. But I did try it.

If you have some plain oats sitting in your pantry, try tossing a small amount in and blending. Or blend some chia seeds.

Going on a limb here. If you have some carrots lying around, try blending those in. I’ve actually blended carrots and cucumbers into my vanilla Huel and it’s pretty decent.