Feedback on my first two shakes

Hello all. New to Huel. Im two vanilla shakes in. Im really not loving the taste and im not sure i want to spend another 9 bucks on more powder. Aside from fruit is there any recommendations for a quick fix? I cannot blend at work so I use a shaker.


Several of us found that it took a few days to get accustomed to the taste of Huel by itself. You may experience this as well.

I can offer a lot of options for flavoring, but most really need a blender (which is how I make all mine). Frozen berries, half banana, unsweetened Apple Sauce, peanut butter, cashews, cinnamon, etc. Those are mostly what I use.

I suppose if you need a single additive that can be shaken, then a packet of hot chocolate mix tossed in with your Huel could do the trick. Perhaps sprinkling a bit of cinnamon sugar or cinnamon powder could do the trick.

If you had access to powdered peanut butter, that could be added and shooken. (Is shooken a word? Looks weird when I write it.)

If you like coffee, I wonder if there are instant coffee or capachino powders.

The chocolate or caramel syrups that people add to their coffee could be another additive that would probably dissolve in the Shaker.

Don’t give up. Most of us weren’t blown away by the taste on first try, but stuck it out. It works so well for many of us.

[Get a blender. Blend it before work. Put in thermos or bottle. Take to work with lunch bag and cool packs. Super easy and a lot more options for flavoring.]


Hello! I’ve been Hueling for about a week and a half now, and I’m addicted! I have the unflavored powder, and I mix 2 scoops of it with a rounded teaspoon of drinking chocolate. I like the Ghirardelli double chocolate, but I think any kind of sweetened chocolate powder would work. I notice one of the other posts mentioned an envelope of hot chocolate. I’m sure that would make it delicious! I’m trying to keep it as heahtly as possible, which is why I’m using a teaspoon of chocolate. My husband mixes his Huel with coffee or coconut milk instead of water. Any of those options don’t require a blender. I have a shaker bottle at work that I use.

Happy Hueling!

I’m also a new Hueler (1 week in). My first use was with shaking it in the Huel bottle. I struggled getting it all down. The next day I blended it and OMG what a difference. I went a bit further the day after and added coffee grounds and two packets of Truvia. I definitely look forward to my Huel meals now. I’ve ordered the chocolate and cappuccino flavor boosts for variety :smile:

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I second the suggestion to blend ahead of time and keep it in the fridge at work or a good thermos.

I just started Hueling but have a lot of experience with meal supplements/replacements (for weight gain, mostly). I always buy things unflavored/unsweetened, so that’s what I did for Huel as well. You probably don’t need to add any sweetener to yours since you have the vanilla one. Anyway, just yesterday I did the standard 500cal and added a tablespoon of Hershey’s unsweetened cacao powder (+2 tbsp sugar) and a heaping tsp of instant coffee. I blended with a handful of ice cubes as well and it was a delicious, cold mocha that I was able to down in about 10 minutes.

In my experience, the most flavor-enhancing things you can add to a smoothie is peanut butter, bananas (cut them up and freeze so that your blended smoothie is cold!), frozen cherries or raspberries, and chocolate. If you’re trying to lose weight, you can do the PB powder, which has little or no fat.

If you REALLY are averse to blending, check out flavor extracts in the baking aisle of the grocery store.

Oops. I see a typo there. Let me help you with that.

If you’re trying to lose [fat], you can do [regular, natural peanut butter], which has [all the] fat [mother nature intended].

Since hormones determine body fat storage, particularly insulin, and since eating dietary fat induces no insulin response, in order to lose body fat you should eat a high fat, low carbohydrate diet with low glycemic index foods. And since natural peanut butter has a glycemic index of only 14, which is actually lower than Huel itself, full fat natural peanut butter is an excellent addition to your shakes if you want to lose body fat. Natural peanut butter is also an excellent choice for diabetics.

Well it obviously was not a typographical error, Snark, PharmD. Sorry I’m just a geneticist. You could have approached that with a little more tact.

Edit: Also, I’m still going to stand by my suggestion for the powder to lose FAT because it will flavor with fewer calories and, I imagine, is easier to incorporate into the drink, whether by shaking or blending.

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sorry for hurting your feelings.

I still stand by my argument.

No hurt feelings, was just annoying.

I’m new here. Fresh start? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Let’s just say if you’re trying find somewhere to cut calories and get some flavor, go with PB powder. Easy to incorporate into the shake method as well. If you’re good on your calories or trying to up your calorie intake in a healthy way then go with that natural PB and all of its good fat glory. You can do either and still meet your weight loss goals. :hugs:

Another thing to try as a flavor boost and super healthy…”Zola with espresso” I used to drink one when I worked graveyard and it gave me long lasting energy, “no spike and crash or jitters” and kept me hydrated. Just a thought

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