Vanilla not Sweet

I’ve just tried my first 100g of Huel Vanilla in 700 ml of water, only to find it’s not sweet, just chalky like it was unflavoured. Has anyone experienced similar batches?

It taste awful with water. I have the vanilla flavor too. I mix it with vanilla sweeten coconut milk & the chocolate flavor boost. I use a teaspoon of that. I mix it up at night & put it in the fridge to get cold & drink it in the morning. It taste like a chocolate milk shake.

That’s a lot of water there, Thomas! Adding water will dilute the flavor, which is why it tasted somewhat unflavored. Less water and leaving in the fridge overnight will make a sweeter, thicker Huel. If you prefer the thinner consistency, I’d recommend adding a drop of vanilla extract or other flavor to offset the diluted flavor.

I usually have 3 scoops of powder become a roughly 600ml shake. Plenty sweet, to me.