Terrible First Impression

Placed my very first order of Huel (Vanilla) flavor on February 20, 2018. Almost a week later I noticed that I could not track my order and it still said “Unfulfilled” next to my order. I decided to contact customer support, and they told me every single order placed on the 20th somehow wasn’t processed correctly and that they were working on fixing the issue (mind you this was 6 days after placing the order). I was told they were going to try to get the orders shipped as early as the next day.

The next day I get an e-mail from Huel: “A shipment from order XXXXX is on the way”. I thought great they worked out the issue my order is on the way. Three days later (today) I click on the link to track my shipment, and to my surprise I cannot track it yet as there has only been a shipping label created and the order has still not been shipped. Now I am a little bit annoyed that I received a misleading e-mail saying my shipment is on the way. And on top of it all, it has now been 10 days since placing the order, and my order has still not been shipped.

Not a good first impression. But I am still willing to give it a try and had even subscribed to shipments every 4 weeks. I seriously hope the monthly shipments to not get delayed like this first order has been.

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Everything you’ve experienced so far is typical of Huel. I continue to use Huel because it’s the best meal powder I’ve found, but I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll always need to order when I have 4-6 weeks of Huel remaining (and even then, there’s no guarantee that I’ll get the shipment before I run out).

Agree with huell.babineaux.

A whole lot of us are going through the same issue.

@Dani_Sanchez and @huell.babineaux do either of you have a subscribe to deliveries or do you just order wen you are running low? I’m wondering if customers who have subscribed are dealing with the same issues. I’m assuming they have. Pretty disappointing as I was looking forward to starting Huel and saving time and money by using it.

I do have a subscription, so far only 2 runs but I have had shipping delays with both and I was charged twice on the first run. So far I am not too impressed and the subscription has not been convenient at all, I find myself reaching out every 4 weeks to find out what happened to my order.

To give you an idea I was charged on Feb20th for my subscription and per UPS my shipment will be here Monday (March 5th)

So even the subscriptions have delays, despite Huel knowing ahead of time the number of packages needed and on what days?

I am hesitant to subscribe until Huel can prove more reliable. I’ll just manually order about 3 weeks before I run out.

So far I have just started subscriptions and then cancelled them. I’m thinking next time I’ll uncancel the subscription I canceled after receiving my last shipment and then update the delivery date to ASAP (I’ll do that when I have about 5 weeks of Huel left).

I saw the following on the forum about a day ago:

Unlike what he said, though, I don’t think delays are related to whether you’re a subscriber or not. I think Huel’s shipping/supply chain is just a mess, and you might get your order in 4 days or…15? 23? Nobody really knows.

Huel will say that orders on a specific day were delayed or that less common orders ship less often than more common orders. When I emailed Huel 10 days after I placed my order, they claimed that they had noticed that morning that my order hadn’t shipped yet, but my order didn’t ship until the day after I emailed them. Huel is probably having trouble keeping up with demand or is having issues getting their shipping service viable, but we don’t know for sure since they always pretend the delays are one-off things or due to an order being unusual.

So unfortunate. I really was so excited to try it out and see how much it would save me on food spending in the long run. After browsing the forum it looks like they have been having these same issues for a while at least since September. A shame they can’t figure it out.

Well, aside from the shipping, I love Huel itself. So, I hope you don’t lose all your excitement about trying it out, and I hope you like it. I just hope you’re comfortable always having at least a one month reserve of Huel.

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I guess Huel is not the only one having supply problems. Can’t even get gravy :

I have only ordered one shipment thus far, not on the subscription. it came right in the 3-5 day window, so no issues for me. Maybe it is just the subscriptions? I am about to place my second order and only have 1 weeks worth left. Hopefully i didnt wait too long!

They also recently posted a notice that they’d entered a new partnership with FedEx, so that might be helping a bit.

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Hang in there. I am half way thru my first shipment and the product is really great. I bought the unflavored, blend it with some berries and lots of cinnamon and it has become a daily meal replacement. So happy with this product. Hopefully they will straighten out the distribution issues and alleviate your frustration!


Annnnnd to top it off, UPS has delayed my delivery (it was out for delivery today) because they claimed my address was incorrect even though it was correct ( I know this is not Huels fault, but a fitting cherry on top for my terrible experience).

I have only ordered Huel twice so far, I do not have a subscription, and both my orders came within the same week. Not to thrilled to hear of this issue with orders. Glad to have the heads up.