Order issue, extremely slow replies

Hello, posting in the forum is the only thing I know to do at this point as replies from customer support email has not led anywhere. On September 18th I put in my order to begin a subscription for 4 bags per month of vanilla flavor plus an additional shaker. On September 22 I received the shaker but no bags of Huel. I waited a few days to see if they showed up and they did not. I then checked my account status which said two packages were delivered on September 22nd which as stated before only one package arrived. I sent a support request through the messaging system and waited through the end of the next day. I did not received a response so I sent an email to the support email address. I waited to the end of day the following day and still had not received a reply to either message. I then went into the system and cancelled my subscription with feedback in the cancellation field as to why I was cancelling. Within 20 minutes I had an email from Huel telling me an error had been made in the order system and they did not know what flavor I needed and asked me to reply to the email with my flavor choice and they would ship it as the bags were never shipped, contrary to what the tracking system said. I replied last Thursday the 27th that I wanted to order the vanilla and recommended Huel review their tracking system if it is giving false shipping information. As of yesterday I had not gotten any response regarding the order. I then sent a follow up yesterday asking for any kind of follow up or contact regarding this order because I’ve gotten very little help at this point. I paid $118.50 on September 18th and gotten a $6.00 shaker for that at this point. I’ve made multiple contacts to Huel with no responses. I am trying to understand what is going on and would like to know the status of my order as it feels like my money just disappeared and no one is responding.

Hey James,

We deeply apologize that we weren’t able to get to your original email in a timely manner. I know this is very frustrating and that this is not the ideal Huel experience. I see that Sothan replied to you earlier this morning with your tracking information for your bags of Huel. You should receive them very soon.

Again, we are so sorry about this.

Thank you Alex. Yes I received the email from Sothan this morning with the tracking number. A suggestion that may help with support issues through email would be to have an automatic response email be sent when an email to the support department is received that lets the sender know the email has been received in the queue and that indicates an expected response time. That way if the normal response time is 48-72 hours after receipt it sets that expectation with the customer and can help alleviate the feeling that emails either aren’t being received or are being overlooked.

Thank you again for the help,

James Sloop


Noted! I’ll be sure to pass your input along to the Huel team. :slight_smile: