United States shipping delayed

Ordered Friday Sept 15 and its already Sept 21st with no shipment email. I emailed support and they said it was due to high demand in the US and that Huel is short on inventory and should only be a day or 2 behind. I’m anxious to try this product as it is a major game changer now that I have a newborn. Meal prepping is harder than its ever been for me now. If this works out I will definitely be subscribing. Is there anyway I can get a new update on my order?

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Any update on this? I’ve made my purchase six days ago, still no information on where my package is. I’m checking regularly for the delivery as I’m eager to start, but nothing yet.

With the back order it took 11 days from order to door. But I ordered on a Friday (no processing on weekends?) and was shipped the following Friday (no deliveries on weekends) and received Tuesday so I had a rough wait.

I’m at almost 2 weeks and still showing unfulfilled, at this point. But there have been several posts on the forums about this. There has been far higher demand than Huel US expected, so they’re working through a backlog. Be patient, they’re doing everything they can.


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Hi everyone! Sorry to hear that you still have yet to receive your Huel. I know you’re eager to get started and I want to help make that happen as soon as possible. :blush: Could each of you private message me and send your order # if you have it or the name that was used to place the order? This way I can search for your order and get the ball moving. :+1:

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Hey Teresa,
The full name on the account is James Long, the order number is #10695.
Thanks for getting back to me, I’m pretty eager to start. Is there some
sort of processing issue as of late? Just wondering if I should consider
this the norm for the future and need to restock.

Hi James,
Thanks for sending me the info! Your order is in transit and is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, 9/29. I will private message you the tracking info.
This is certainly not the norm. Delivery typically takes only 3-5 business days. Due to our recent inventory delay of the vanilla flavor, this impacted recent orders as we continue to work through the backorders. We are working diligently to put measures in place to avoid future outages and hope to be fully caught up by the end of this week.
Thank you for choosing Huel! We’re excited to hear what you think once you get started!

Same issue here. Ordered on the 21st, became fulfilled on the 26th. But with no tracking number, the waiting game is kind of a drag.

Hi Daniel,
I looked up your order and it is in transit with scheduled delivery on Monday, 10/2. I will private message you with your tracking number. :+1:

Thanks for the info! Any idea if providing tracking numbers will become a feature?

Happened with me had to wait a extra week. Got notified today ready to be shipped. Huel said they will throw in a extra shaker for the hassle

Hi Teresa, it’s been almost a week since I ordered and I would love an update. I’ve never been charged before shipment so I’m feeling very uncomfortable about this order. The name on the account is Ashley Parker, order #10999.

Same here, Not my first shipment though. Order #10265

Hi Teresa,

I’ve only just ordered Wednesday evening, but would appreciate an update on order #12190 when you have a chance.


Hi Adrian,

Please email support@huel.com and we will be assist you with your order.

Thank you,

Hi Daniel,
Tracking numbers are currently a part of our shipping process, but we are working to address technical issues causing certain customers to not receive tracking info.

Hi Chad, I see your order is in transit and scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, 10/3. I will private message you your tracking number in case you need it.

Hi Ashley,
As mentioned above in this thread, we recently experienced an inventory outage of our vanilla flavor, which has caused a delay in shipments. Typically, an order placed before noon would be shipped that same day and arrive within 3-5 business days. We are close to being caught up and things will return back to normal soon. I expect your order to arrive next week, but unfortunately I don’t have updated shipping info for you just yet. You should receive an update on the status of your order by Monday, end of day.

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Hi Casey,
Good news! Your order is in transit and is scheduled to arrive on Monday 10/2. I will private message you your tracking info.

Hi Adrian,
Similar thing to what I told Ashley above. Unfortunately, I don’t have updated shipping info for you just yet as we are still working through our backorders. Given the date you ordered, I would expect a shipping confirmation/update by end of day Monday or Tuesday. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you don’t receive shipping confirmation early next week.