Failed combination: Dill pickle juice

Mixing Huel with Dill Pickle Juice is not a good combination. I sometime enjoy the taste and will drink the juice from dill pickles. However, mixed with Huel, the salty flavor and gritty texture is really not enjoyable. I used a (2:1) mix of Unflavored to Vanilla Huel as the Huel component, not that I think the choice of Huel flavor would make much difference.

In my defense, I did not think it would be good, but it was available and I was curious and figured I would not be out much. I ended up throwing out the mix.

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Oh my goodness, Adam! You are certainly one brave soul! You never know if you don’t try, I guess. Thanks for being the guinea pig for the rest of us! :joy: :cucumber:

Hahaha! I’m so happy to have seen this before I made the same mistake. I LOVE pickle juice and it only would’ve been a matter of time before this idea came up. Thanks for sharing!

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Don’t try using fizzy water. Like really, don’t.

Coconut water was good but its expensive

You guys are all braver souls than me! Way to experiment!

I realize this is an older thread, but what if you infused the spices you’d put in a pickle into the water you’re using with your Huel? (I’d recommend the pickling mixes, but I think that’d be too much salt.)

Maybe it wouldn’t be so horrid tasting without the vinegar? You could probably put the spices directly into the shake, but I’d think you’d want to blend it then.