Im a newbie and want to know your tricks!

Hi everyone!! I’m a total newbie at this! I got the vanilla Huel and I want to know what everyone puts in it (not flavor packets). I’m thinking about making a thing of coffee and putting it in the shake when I blend it. Or maybe a banana? :thinking: Please let me know what you guys do! I plan on using it as breakfast, a snack and lunch! Thanks everyone!!!

My husband and I use Silk chocolate almond milk instead of water. I’m trying to find unsweetened chocolate almond milk to use instead, so if anyone knows a brand or where it can be found, please share!

(My husband also adds a few scoops of the Cappucino flavor mix for the caffeine content. :wink: )

I’ve thought about milk, wasn’t 100% about the dairy. But that sounds good. I’ll have to try that.

I plan on mixing some skinny hot chocolate in mine except blending it iced. Instant coffee too for an extra boost.


Sup. I use various combinations of these additives:

  • Huel chocolate flavor powder.
  • Swiss Miss hot chocolate packet (only occasionally, since it has some sugar, but it’s fantastic)
  • Natural Peanut butter
  • Raw cashews
  • Banana
  • Unsweetened Apple Sauce
  • Frozen blueberries or strawberries
  • Cinnamon powder

A good combination is Huel + peanut butter or cashews + Apple Sauce + cinnamon

Huel + half banana + peanut butter + chocolate powder is good

Really, mixing any 2 or three of those fruits into Huel is good.

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Oh the frozen strawberries and blueberries sound great!

My go to these days is 3 scoops of UU huel (125g by weight) with aeropress coffee made using 4 shots worth of coffee grounds and 2 tsp of coconut flavored stevia called sweet drops and let it sit overnight in the fridge to thicken up.

Great taste and it’s my morning coffee.

Hello! I’m a relative newbie. I’ve only been Hueling about 2 weeks. At first I tried the UU Huel with fruit. I put a few fresh strawberries in it. I also tried a frozen banana with some pineapple. I didn’t really like the taste of the fruit with the Huel. I tried a teaspoon of sweetened chocolate powder (like hot chocolate mix), and that really did the trick for me. I love it! That has been my go-to since I discovered it.

My husband blends his Huel with coconut milk or coffee. Also, the combo that TGUMINA mentioned above sounds delicious!

You’ll have to let us know which flavors you liked best.

Happy Hueling!

I like Land o Lakes hot chocolate mixes in mine. I also use Buzz Coco for caffeein.

I use almond milk with my Huel. I have used flavored syrup in strawberry and raspberry and both were good. Recently, I started putting a banana and some frozen fruit (blueberries, raspberries) and it is really good.

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So if your looking for ways to make it easy on yourself this is my method:
Buy some regular mouth mason jars ( the reg mouth is important for me because of this trick coming up.)
I have an Oster blender the kind with the pitcher and the blades that screw on to the bottom. Take the blades off the pitcher; I don’t need that part because…the blades screw directly into my Mason jars :+1:. I drink Huel for all of my meals unless I’m planning on a cheat meal that day.
The night before I mix 2.5 to 3 scoops of Huel with a splash of OJ and sometimes some frozen mangoes or strawberries if I need a flavor differential. The trick here is that Mason jars hold about 32oz of liquid and I fill those babies up to the top. Blend in the Mason jar (one less dish to wash everyday) and refrigerate!!
I have 12 jars so that’s four days with no dishes to wash and my meals are :100: portable in a cooler bag with ice packs :grin:
If I don’t end up drinking all 3 meals, say I get invited to dinner with friends or something, I just drink the leftover shake for breakfast the next day. The website says not to consume after 24hrs of mixing but honestly I’ve had no problems with drinking one that’s 36hrs old. I try not to do that too often but sometimes you gotta do what’s necessary!!

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The trick with the mason jar. Game changer! Thanks! :grinning:


Right!!! I’ve never been able to eat healthy with such ease :grin:

I’d recommend toughing it out until your body can adjust. I’ve been hueling for about six weeks and wasn’t crazy about the taste at first, but have come to enjoy it (vanilla powder). I love the convenience of just mixing the powder, water, and ice (being chilled made a huge difference) and being done. I was tempted to sweeten it up at first, my pre-Huel diet was full of added sugar, and that’s what I was used to. Thanks to Huel I’ve been able to eliminate most of the added sugar from my diet and have started to appreciate different (and less sweet) flavors…including vanilla Huel.