Favorite flavor boost to use with u/u Huel?

I stopped using Huel for a while. I remember I had uncomfortable stomach issues with the sweetened Huel that I didn’t have the unsweetened version. Going to try the unsweetened again. Which flavor boosts do you all prefer with the unsweetened Huel? I seem to get stomach issues with any artificial sweeteners. Maybe it’s psychosomatic or something. If I’m not going to add any sweetener at all which flavor is best to add?

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I like the chai or the apple cinnamon with the U/U the most!

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I’ll let you know in a few days when I get my first batch of U/U in :grin: I’m very interested in the input for this as well. What else other than boosters does everyone put in their U/U as well?

Just to note, I think all of the Huel flavors boosts now have stevia added to them. I like them better than the old ones without any sweetener. However, you should be aware there is stevia.

I am finishing my last bag of U/U Huel. I have found success with using the Huel apple cinnamon boost + a real banana + real peanut butter + apple pie spice, mixed in oat milk. It turns out to be really good.

Tomorrow I will be attempting an all natural U/U. Instead of the Huel flavor boost or any stevia I will be using 3 medjool dates in my blend. I also added sunflower seeds, banana, and applesauce, mixed in almond milk. Crossing my fingers.

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I am happy to report that Medjool dates blended into U/U Huel taste pretty darn good. So if someone is looking for a natural sweetener, this is one very good option.

And before you get too scared about the sugar content of dates, I was reading a review article about fruit and the evidence shows that eating fruit, even dried fruit (raisins), lowers the risk for diabetes and improves insulin sensitivity. Yeah, I was surprised but there is a study where they added raisins to the subjects breakfast and it lowered their post-prandial blood sugar and insulin levels. Natural raisins, not with any sucrose added to them. So, I would assume a similar benefit for using dates.

[edit] hey, look what I just found


“Glycemic Idexes ranged from 46.3 ± 7.1 to 55.1 ± 7.7, putting them in the low to moderate GI categories. In addition, “there were no statistically significant differences in the GIs between the control and the diabetic groups for the five types of dates, nor were there statistically significant differences among the dates’ GIs.” AlGeffari looked at 17 varieties of dates, including medjool dates.”

" Rock et al [11] looked at the effect of Medjool or Hallawi dates on serum glucose, serum oxidative status and lipid levels (more on this in the next section). Ten healthy human subjects consumed 100g/day of either Medjool or Hallawi dates for 4 weeks. Fasting blood glucose did not change over the test period for either group.

One other factor needs to be considered when deciding whether dates are a healthier alternative to table sugar- what else do you get when you eat a date? As mentioned above, date fruit is high in fiber, has a moderate amount of some vitamins and minerals and has phytochemicals which have potential health values."

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I found after getting the sampler, I liked Mocha, Mint Chocolate, Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon and Chai. I’d previously had Mint Chocolate and Banana. While Banana didn’t bother me like most, it was a fine line between too much and too little.

Future orders will definitely be Mocha and Chai and possibly a third of either Apple or Chocolate. Apple just ends up like Apple Cinnamon oatmeal after a while, which I feel drinking just registers to my brain wrong even though the taste is good.

I found the sampler a good way to learn, but if you do it, completely follow the portion directions per packet. I ended up with some weaker flavor at first.