Shaker bottle could use some design refinement to prevent dripping

Today, after shaking the bottle, opening the cap, and drinking…

I noticed a drop of Huel on my carpet. That’s because there’s always some residual Huel on the inside of the cap, which sometimes drips down.

Because of this, I now have to lick the cap clean before drinking to ensure that my carpet doesn’t get stained.

Please consider redesigning this area of the shaker bottle so that it doesn’t drip.


Definitely a big issue in Huel´s product delivery.

Even more noticeable when compared to some of the opposition. I am with you and I hope that they improve it.

I think you forgot the fact that it the lid tends to break easily


Agree that the shaker kid could use some refinement / improvement. I have stopped using it because the rigid strap / cap is poking me in the face and I have to physically bend it back & hold it while drinking. Should be a hinged type lid, like the official Blender Bottles.


not a big deal to me, I just suck it dry :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback! We are aware of this and are working on it :slight_smile:


Very nice photo mock-up with the red arrows and text. Well done.

I have used shaker bottles for over 30 years. I have NEVER seen a bottle designed that did not have some kind of liquid on the cap that opens. It’s not possible for there to be nothing there. Just lick it off! Simple. I have never had one drop fall from my Huel bottle because I just lick out the inside.

As for the strap with built in cap, I just hold it back a little with my index finger when I sip from it because I don’t like rotating the bottle like Huel shows in their Huel - Top 10 Tips YouTube video.

Also, I have never had a bottle break on me. Not sure what there is to break.


I do the shake, lick lid, drink method.


First world problems.


The lid tends to break after regular use. Close to the attachment point with the rest of the main body.

I have only been using my shaker for 3 months. I guess I will see what happens. Hopefully it won’t break while I am shaking it!

Nah, in my experience it happens while cleaning it. Because you flip the lid on and off, it tends to degrade fast.

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The bottles huel sells are just branded standard shaker bottles, you can buy them from almost any custom print/promotional item retailer on the web. They are the same bottles you get at bodybuilding .com, myprotein, etc. If you don’t like their cheap bottles (and you shouldn’t, they suck, they are promotional items) invest in a nice water bottle from nalgene or another good brand. You will thank yourself later.

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I’m a new user, and I noticed this issue right away. My solution is to rinse the lid off after shaking. That way if anything drips on my floor, it’s just water.

This is a very fair constructive criticism. I don’t love how long/awkward the lid latch is. It’s not a perfect design, but I wonder if they had to deal with patent issues from Blender Bottle and such. It works, it just could use a few tweaks to make it great!

Too funny and absolutely right. ha. Just tap the top before you open it. Problem solved.

Rotating the bottle is the solution to this problem. Why don’t you like rotating the bottle 90 degrees? The drinking experience is identical and also doesn’t have a cap poking your eye!

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Just pound the lid with the palm of your hand 3-5 times before popping the lid.

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@Tim_Huel - If you read the beginning of that comment, I said, “As for the strap with built-in cap, I just hold it back a little with my index finger when I sip from it…” So, it’s a non-issue. It doesn’t even come close to my head, or my eye!

To me, the drinking experience is not identical. Maybe it’s an OCD thing but the bottle with strap, if rotated, is not symmetrical. It’s off-balance which would drive me nuts. I need it centered with equal portions of the cap on each side of the spout. I have no issues drinking out of the bottle!

Thanks! I love it,. Cant wait to see what 2 more years with Huel, as an idea or inspiration for growth and change will bring.

I find if there’s any product on the outer rim of the strainer or it’s not positioned carefully, major leakage.

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