Huel bottle cap design

The Huel bottle. I love it - but the cap for the lid poses problems for me. When I shake the bottle, a small amount of Huel gets up into the cap on the lid. When I open the lid, bending the cap out of the way, it still has a little Huel in there. Unless I suck the Huel out of it or wipe it out with a tissue or something, I’ll get a couple drops of Huel on my clothing. And Huel on clothing is very noticeable and difficult to remove unless you get a wet towel or something. Not easy to do when you’re at work. I’m wondering if the inside of that cap could be designed so as not to collect shaken liquid Huel in it. A small nit, but I encounter it quite often.


I always feel awkward licking out the cap after shaking. There are other things I can do, such as shaking the drops off, changing the consistency of the mix, or waiting for them to fall on their own, but licking is the fastest and most reliable.

Unfortunately this is is probably not a particularly easy problem to fix from a design standpoint (would flat be better than slightly curved? Concave so it will more naturally fall in?) given the thickness of Huel, especially since Huel does not design or make the containers.


I notice the same thing. I have gotten it on my work coat and shirt. You do have to wipe or lick it out each time you open the cap. And or hold it back againzt the tumbler so it doesnt get on you. I guess I got use to it. I thought about cutting it off where it connects to the lid. But I dont want to lose it. But it does mix well

If the Huel shaker isn’t working I’d consider looking into alternative options. I have a bunch of these Smart Shake shakers. They solve exactly the problem you’re describing and also have a few additional compartments for powders/supplements: [SmartShake Original on Amazon](SmartShake Original 2 GO Bottle, 20 oz Shaker Cup, Neon Blue

Maybe Huel will strike up an agreement with SmartShake and start cranking out some newly rebranded shakers :wink:

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Maybe the person designing the bottle top forgot humans have foreheads.


Here’s a thought: pour the shaken Huel into a cup

Sure, it’s another thing to clean but at least you don’t have to lick the inside of the cap or wear that drip for the rest of the day. :slight_smile:

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If you drink from the bottle with the lid to the side instead of in front of you, it doesn’t touch your forehead. :+1:

I’ve just learned to always use a finger to hold the cap against the side. I don’t even think about it anymore.


That’s my go to method too! @vossad01