A better shaker

Huel is great, but the supplied shaker cup is flimsy af. If you don’t screw the lid on just right it leaks when you start shaking it. Plus the cup itself bends inward when gripped with any meaningful force, and the cap pokes me in the face whenever I take a drink. Cleaning is also a pain; the bottom of the cup has hard angles that collect leftover powder.

Y’all really should partner with BlenderBottle instead. I replaced the supplied shaker with a 28oz BlenderBottle Pro and haven’t looked back. Just my $0.02

I think the shaker is fine. I don’t know what you could be doing to it to make it bend. It doesn’t leak if you put the lid on properly. Only annoying part is that it retains odors, but mine cleans easily. And the lid is bendable, so if it keeps poking you, just bend the arm back more.