Shaker bottle could use some design refinement to prevent dripping

I use a 20 oz Blender Bottle instead. Nice of them to include a shaker with the subscription, but I just find it clunky.

This reply seems smug to me, mostly because rotating the bottle actually doesn’t solve anything…in fact, I realized this problem even after rotating it naturally because the cap would hit my nose or forehead otherwise. When I naturally turn the bottle 90 degrees, all this does is make the drip land on my shoulder rather than the floor. I had found what I thought was dried toothpaste on my right shoulder a few different times on different days before I realized that it’s Huel dripping from the top of the poorly designed shaker bottle onto my shirt…now I use my own blender bottle with actual thought put into the ergonomics and I’m fine, but you should definitely be more familiar with what you’re trying to solve before posting half baked “solutions”…

Gotta agree that after using many different blender bottles (over 10 for sure), Huel’s is one of the worse. It feels cheap and almost like an afterthought. Buying a shaker from somewhere else is a valid alternative.

LOL, I lick the cap everytime!