Shaker bottle broken after 14 uses


Hello! I started using Huel in November of last year, and I love it so far! However, my shaker bottle started breaking after around 14 uses, just as soon as I was finishing my first bag. I’m guessing I received a defective one, as I only see a few people with similar experiences. How many others have experienced this? What can I do?

Thank you!


Hiya! I’m sorry to hear your Huel shaker has broken after such a short time of using Huel. I have gone ahead and created an order to ship you a new one immediately! I hope you enjoy it. If you need anything else in the future, please let us know.


Wow, thank you so much for the fast response! :smiley:


I have had many, many uses with my shaker and it’s just like new. Yours must have been the odd one out.


Thanks, very good to know. :smiley: