Leaking from mixing bottles?

Anyone else experience leaking with the darker mixing bottle when vigorously shaking? I have two other clear bottles and neither of them exhibits this issue. I’ve made sure the spout is secure, the top is screwed on correctly and that it is finger tight to the bottle. Regardless, each time I shake it, I get drops of material coming through and flying around. I just received this bottle and not sure if I should jettison it. TIA.

Hmmm, that doesn’t sound right @Pinchaloaf! I’m going to send you over an email now so we can take a deeper look at your new frosted shaker💪

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@Pinchaloaf - Funny username by the way.

I just received the same mixer bottle with my latest order of the Huel Black Edition, but I have had the same issue with the clear bottle. The only time either one has ever leaked on me was when I didn’t place the strainer down far enough.

I know what I am going to say seems obvious, but I’m going to give you my 2-cents worth anyways: I would make sure the strainer is all the way down - about a 1/4 inch. If it’s not all the way down, the cap will not screw completely on and your bottle will leak. One way to know if your lid is completely screwed on and secure - your drinking spout will face the curved side of the bottle - dead center - and not on either of the flat sides.

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Thank you. Address sent. Appreciate the customer service!

Thanks for the possible solution but I don’t actually have the strainers in the bottles. I also checked the alignment of the lid to bottle and it’s straight, as you describe, as well as aligned correctly with the threads. Appreciate the ideas though.

I always use ice, that’s why I use the strainers. You should try it with the strainer just to see if that resolves the issue. I’m wondering if the design of the strainer actually helps seal the lid. Having the strainer in place would strengthen the top of the shaker, securing the lid better.

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Interesting idea. Will try it tomorrow and post results.

I use non-Huel shakers as I do not like having the strainer. I’ve had minimal issues with them (user error only).

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I have a leak on a frosted bottle also.
It looks like mine has a small chip where the cap snaps on to the spout.

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I didn’t post again on this but this is the same with my bottle. There’s just a very small chip on the rim of the spout where the cap connects. Small enough that it’s hard to see but big enough that liquid comes out prodigiously when shaken.

Thanks. I don’t actually use the strainers at all though so not an issue for me. I do then, unfortunately, have to gag down any clumps that come through but that hasn’t been bad enough that I’ve felt a need to go beyond the basic shake method.

Bit late, but I’ve had the same issue with at least three different shakers I’ve received from Huel. I know it’s not me doing it wrong, because some shakers always have this issue, and others never do. I’ve experimented a little, switching around shaker caps and bodies, and it seems to be the cap that has the issue (putting a cap from a working bottle on the faulty one solves it).

Sorry to hear that! I have messaged you about this!

I used to work in a bubble tea shop and I had the same problem with the shakers when used with warm/hot water. It’s due to the air dilatation + shaking that makes some pressure and se drops of liquid always get out of the shakers. It’s probably the same with Huel shakers.

The great thing is that you can easily open the bottle to evacuate the air and shake it again. I don’t know if you used hot water or not but it might be a reason.