Huel left in lid after shaking

So I have been using Huel for over a year and I am still bugged by this mild annoyance. After shaking (using the original shaker sent with my first order still) there is always a bit of huel that sits in the cap. If ignored it will dribble down the shaker and onto my hand. With the shape/size of the cap though you can’t wipe it away or anything - so I resort to “licking” it out of the cap and always feel a tad foolish trying to make sure there isn’t any left to drip out later or dry/crust up.

I figure this could be a place to share in my trivial annoyance - or perhaps share a solution that you’ve been using :slight_smile: Happy Hueling

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Same thing happens to me. No matter what shaker I use, there is a little on the cap. I open the cap just enough to be able to lick it off, not allowing it to drip anywhere. Then, when I am done, I wash the shaker right away so nothing drys up and hardens. If I can’t wash it immediately, I add some water, close the cap, shake it up and leave it closed until I can wash it. That way nothing crusts up. That’s my 2 cents!

Ahh yes, the little bit of cap-Huel. It’s something we all currently deal with, but perhaps soon you won’t run into this issue :wink: stay tuned!


Hey kids. This is an example of the literary tool known as foreshadowing. A way of letting the reader know of a future event, but without being specific (probably because of pesky NDAs).

Sometimes it backfires, like in the case of the recent Blizzcon. The audience anticipated something grand like a new PC Diablo game, but it was revealed that the new game is a mobile-only, free-to-play game, with microtransactions. The booing commenced. And the best part is when the game developer, on stage, in front of a live audience responded with, “What? Do you guys not have phones?”

Tyler, please don’t be that guy. Please tell us the new product is actually better and not just a reskinned version of the current shaker or a slightly better “ice barrier”. Otherwise, you’ll be saying “What? Do you guys not have shaker balls?”


… and that’s waay too personal of a question :slight_smile:


If you grip the bottle with your fingers over the plastic that holds the lid on, the drop of huel stays in the cap as you drink and it’s no problem.

My goodness. If ever there was a good example of a first world problem, this is it!

Was Huel RTD the solution?

I didn’t care for the shaker bottle itself nor the cap that you had to hold back or the difficulty mixing.

Amazon sells blend bottles that are inexpensive and have a shaker ball and a snap cap. So now it mixes very well with a few ice cubes and some good shaking for several seconds.

I don’t like it watery though so I usually make up my breakfast and lunch bottles the evening beforehand so it’s thickens overnight.