Huel left in lid after shaking

So I have been using Huel for over a year and I am still bugged by this mild annoyance. After shaking (using the original shaker sent with my first order still) there is always a bit of huel that sits in the cap. If ignored it will dribble down the shaker and onto my hand. With the shape/size of the cap though you can’t wipe it away or anything - so I resort to “licking” it out of the cap and always feel a tad foolish trying to make sure there isn’t any left to drip out later or dry/crust up.

I figure this could be a place to share in my trivial annoyance - or perhaps share a solution that you’ve been using :slight_smile: Happy Hueling

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Same thing happens to me. No matter what shaker I use, there is a little on the cap. I open the cap just enough to be able to lick it off, not allowing it to drip anywhere. Then, when I am done, I wash the shaker right away so nothing drys up and hardens. If I can’t wash it immediately, I add some water, close the cap, shake it up and leave it closed until I can wash it. That way nothing crusts up. That’s my 2 cents!

Ahh yes, the little bit of cap-Huel. It’s something we all currently deal with, but perhaps soon you won’t run into this issue :wink: stay tuned!


Hey kids. This is an example of the literary tool known as foreshadowing. A way of letting the reader know of a future event, but without being specific (probably because of pesky NDAs).

Sometimes it backfires, like in the case of the recent Blizzcon. The audience anticipated something grand like a new PC Diablo game, but it was revealed that the new game is a mobile-only, free-to-play game, with microtransactions. The booing commenced. And the best part is when the game developer, on stage, in front of a live audience responded with, “What? Do you guys not have phones?”

Tyler, please don’t be that guy. Please tell us the new product is actually better and not just a reskinned version of the current shaker or a slightly better “ice barrier”. Otherwise, you’ll be saying “What? Do you guys not have shaker balls?”


… and that’s waay too personal of a question :slight_smile:


If you grip the bottle with your fingers over the plastic that holds the lid on, the drop of huel stays in the cap as you drink and it’s no problem.