Huel 3.0 clumping issues

I used the last version of Huel and never had an issue, with clumping, whether I used Blender Bottles, or used the Huel Shaker bottles. I am very displeased with the new formula, because it feels nearly impossible to make a smooth drinks without clumps.
Plus, if I use a regular blender bottle, forget about it, it’s impossible to get a sip without swallowing big chunks. Now my regular blender bottles are essentially useless, and I can’t figure out how to drink a shake without having to open up my throat like I’m taking a shot. I don’t really know why the new formula has this issue, but it certainly outweighs the supposed improvements.

I mix it at night and then put it in my refrigerator overnight and it makes a smooth huel drink the next morning. I also realized that colder water helps it mix better. I hope that helps.

I’m having issues with this myself. I’ve tried using room temperature and cold water, different blender bottles, and even bought a motorized blender bottle (didn’t work because it’s too thick.) I’m quite the spectacle in my lunch room at work as I wrestle with my huel everyday. I love Huel, but it’s terrible, and may be a deal breaker for me