Newbie Receives His First Order

Morning, Y’all. My first Huel (Vanilla) order arrived yesterday. This morning, I made my first shake. Reading the bag, it suggested three scoops into 16-20 ounces of water.

Admittedly, I was hesitant to go full-bore; so, I put two level scoops into the shaker, and added a 500ml (16.9 Ounces) bottle of water. It went down easily enough. To me, it tasted like a really thin morning oatmeal. Even though I only used two scoops, my stomach tried to go sour; so, I’ll have to ease up to the three scoop level, and will also look at going the fill 20-ounces also.

Any tips for easing into using this product?

Who is using for cleansing? Who is using as a meal replacement? Who is just using the shakes for nutrition?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

It seems like chilling the water, blending the shakes, and letting them sit briefly to hydrate some, works best for me (so far). My immediate goal is Huel-only until Friday night. Then, I’ll substitute a nice healthy dinner somewhere.

One thing for ease of use, put half the water in the shaker before you add the powder. This keeps a bunch of Huel from getting stuck to the bottom of the shaker, and makes it much easier to rinse out.

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Nice! Thank you! I did kind of the reverse on my second shake. I put all of the water in, then one scoop. Shook the bejesus out of it, then put another scoop in, and shook it some more. I need to go replace the NutriBullet that I lost in a fire last March! LOL

I also tossed the rest of my cold, black coffee into it. I think a Huel shake, made with cold-brewed coffee, might be my new breakfast…


Hey there @Andrew_Goodwin!

Here’s a couple of useful tricks for new Huelers! You might find some of these helpful. :slight_smile:

  1. Make sure that you are adding liquid before powder. That will help avoid lumps and get a better consistency. Also, the quicker you shake it up, the better.

  2. If you like a thinner consistency, add more liquid, but also don’t let your Huel sit for too long as it will thicken over time.

  3. If you do like a thicker Huel, leaving it in the fridge overnight creates a thicker, sweeter Huel. (This is my favorite way to drink it!)

  4. Don’t shy away from playing around with different Huel concoctions. Try things like almond milk (unsweetened, chocolate, coconut milk blend, etc.), cold brew (my personal fave), adding powdered peanut butter (I love the chocolate peanut butter), and once you’re feeling really brave, you can try things like spicy V8 or some of the more unique mixes.

  5. If you’re using the vanilla, a lot of Huelers mention mixing the U/U Huel with the vanilla for their optimum flavor and sweetness level. If you’re using just U/U then play around with sweeteners and flavoring, such as the peanut butter I mentioned, monk fruit sweetener, our new flavor boosts, etc.

Hope this helps! Hit me up if you have any other questions or need more tricks for easing into Huel.

@Andrew_Goodwin I am looking forward to trying this! Plus it might help me get off my artificial coffee creamer addiction.

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I use vanilla sweeten coconut milk & the chocolate boost. I put it in the fridge overnight to get cold & drink it in the morning. It taste like a chocolate milk shake. I use it as a meal replacement.

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