Brand new to huel

I just ordered huel I’m excited to try it when it comes can someone give me advice for a first time user


-Try following the standard directions for mixing, see how you like it.
Definitely put water in your shaker first, followed by the Huel to avoid it clumping at the bottom of your shaker. Then shake and add more water if needed.
-Most people agree Huel is better cold, so either chill the water before hand or use some ice.
-Some people like to make a shake and then leave in the fridge for a few hours to get cold. It will also thicken slightly this way and not be as watery.
-You can also try blending your shakes, it seems to create a different texture to the shake.
-You can vary the amount of Huel and/or the amount of water to find what you prefer.

Then try adding different things! Flavor boosts, fruit, coffee, milk, cinnamon, honey, etc. So far I have tried:
-Plain water/Huel. It was OK. I actually don’t mind it; kind of like drinking oatmeal.
-Mint Chocolate Flavor Boost. Definitely good, although I found I needed to use more flavor than recommended to really taste it.
-Blended with ice and banana. Was like eating a banana shake!
-Chocolate powder, chia seeds, and Huel/water.
-Huel/cold brew coffee/almond milk

*You may or may not experience some effects when starting with Huel - gas, feeling very full, etc. Your body has to adjust. I was back to normal after a few days.

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Thank you so much for writing me

Start off slowly and let your system adjust as necessary. Try having Huel just once a day for a couple of days, then step it up to twice a day if you’re not having any issues.

I just received my order of huel I’m starting it tomorrow morning so i add 14 ounces of water & 3 scoops of huel correct ? Can someone help me

I as well am new to Huel. I started last Thursday and found that slowly adding Huel to the shaker works the best. I put water into the haker and one scoop, than shake it up, I continue with the second scoop, and repeat with the third scoop. This does not leave a lot of clumbs in the shaker (unless you have a blender). I also started to use a metal spring ball (from an old Blender Bottle) that helps remove the clumbs and keeps it mixed up as I drink.

How many ounces of water do you put in the shacker

I use a bottle of spring water 16.9 oz because our city water is very hard water and it tastes like a salt lick. Near the end, I add an ounce of water to mix up what is left. I try to drink it in about a half-hour (when I start drinking it to the end), I just started making it and putting it in the fridge for a few hours before drinking it as well. It makes it a little thicker and fills me up a bit more.

Thanks so I’ll do a bottle of water with 3 scoops of huel

Question for you I’m gonna start on Monday so should i make my drink Sunday night & keep it in the fridge ?

I only keep it in for a few hours; I have not tried overnight storage because of how thick it gets. The best thing I could tell you is to try it and if you like it then go with it. It is all up to personal preference, so continue to experiment until you find the way you enjoy it.

Good point that I completely forgot to mention!

@superg624 I usually use around 16 ounces water to 3 scoops of Huel, sometimes with ice added as well. Some people do 20 ounces or more, but I found that I like mine a little thicker.

Thanks for the advice i appreciate it