1st Day on Huel

Just wanted to post my first day so far on Huel. Per the instructions, I put in 3 scoops with 14 plus 3 ounces of water. It is way too thick. Don’t have any water at work to add to it so I will work through the consistency. For tomorrow, I will either add a lot more water or less powder. Stay tuned…

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Welcome to Huel! FYI - for my preference i found the optimal method to be:

16 oz of water + 3 scoops and some cinnamon + 4 oz of water - blend - sit in the fridge overnight or at least 6 hours.

Its still a little thick but my blender cups are only 24oz so 20oz of water is my max. I’ve been using Huel for 2 months now and this method seems to work best for me.

Happy Hueling!

I’m surprised you described it as too thick. Did you store it in the fridge after making it? That would thicken it up, but if you started drinking it right away it is usually pretty liquid for me.

I usually put 16oz water, then add Huel and anything else (protein powder, chia seeds, flavor boost). Sometimes I add about 2 more oz of water after that, especially if I am putting my shake in the fridge for several hours. When I do drink them right away, I have never felt they were too thick.

Keep experimenting though and you will find what works for you!

No, making it and drinking it straight, no refrigeration. Maybe my version of thick probably is normal for most people. Probably just have to get use to the consistency if that is the case. Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.

There definitely is a range of what people prefer. I myself actually like it really thick, as it seems to fill me up more and force me to drink it more slowly. When I tried 20oz water with just Huel I found it to be thin and watery for my taste, but to each their own!

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The more I’ve used Huel, the more I prefer it more dilute/thin. It won’t take long to get the consistency that you prefer. Keep at it.

I also blend all mine ahead of time and store in a cooled state. Bring to work in an insulated bottle.

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I personally find the instructions to be a bit off in terms of how much water is necessary. I fill half the container with water, add three scoops, put on the lid and shake, and then fill the rest with water all the way up to the nozzle on the lid before closing the cap and shaking again. I would also recommend using the ice guard/plastic grid thingy while you are shaking it up to prevent clumps from forming.

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