First Day with Huel

Hello folks!

After a few weeks of waiting and one delivery to the wrong address (WTF UPS?), my first order of Huel finally came in last night. I bought several bags of the Vanilla flavored Huel, as well as an extra shaker to go along with the one you get with your first order. On advice I got here on the forum, I pre-mixed my breakfast last night and stuck it in the fridge, hoping to wake up to a nice cool, refreshing treat. I did try a sip last night (I couldn’t help myself) to see if I’d even like it as-is, or if I should add some of the strawberry yogurt I had in the fridge to add some sweetness. It tasted pretty good, though not quite as sweet as I’d expected. Still, I left it the way it was and stuck it in the fridge, content not to over think it.

This morning I grabbed my stuff on the way out the door for work and went to take my first drink while sitting at a red light and had a strange experience. I found the taste quite pleasant: sweet but oaty, but my body almost recoiled the second the consistency hit me. Apparently, letting it sit overnight to thicken up is too much. I got past that initial reaction after a bit and found the rest of it much easier to get down, but it still took a while, I think because it was so thick it was hard to down it quickly.

I am going to be mixing another shake in a few hours for lunch, starting with a bottle of chilled water and drinking it immediately to figure out how much of a difference the thinner consistency makes in time it takes to get down.

Over all, I really like Huel and am eager to keep experimenting until I find the best way for me to drink it.


I just started with Huel yesterday. For me, personally, I just mix it with a little less cold water than recommended, shake it well, and then down it all quickly. Over and done. :slight_smile:

I’m not consuming Huel to “enjoy it.” I’m consuming it for health benefits. So I just mix it and drink it quickly and that’s that. I don’t mind the taste or when it’s a bit thin. Not that big of a deal.


Add a little more water if you plan on overnighting it.

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I did some experimenting over the weekend with my Huel! I’ve found one of the best things ever, I think. I swapped out water for vanilla almond milk (I’m VIT D deficient and can’t generally have too much dairy, so I try to get stuff like VIT D supplemented almond milk in when and where I can) and mixed in two (roughly) teaspoons of low fat strawberry Yoplait yogurt.

It ended up tasting like a Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake Bar. Absolutely delicious!


Thanks for the advice! I’ll try that the next time I decide to pre-mix and overnight it. :slight_smile:

This is normally what I do. I wake up and come down to the kitchen. I prepare a Huel for my morning commute - and place it in the fridge. Takes about 2 minutes, tops. I take the dogs out, feed them, take the shower, get dressed, and grab the Huel on the way out the door. The Huel has been chilling for about 45 minutes. Perfect for me.

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I’ve tried it right after making it, leaving it overnight to chill in the fridge, adding coffee once and cinnamon another time but the taste is still horrible no matter what I do. I’ve also tried Soylent and while that has the nasty taste of uncooked pancake batter, Huel has a different kind of unpleasantness about the flavor. So far the only meal replacement I’ve actually enjoyed is from MealSquares but those are expensive and must be refrigerated. Was really hoping Huel would be something I could like but it’s just not.

Hi Robert, we’re sorry to hear that you’ve had an unpleasant experience so far. Taste is very subjective, but also one of the main benefits of Huel is its versatility. Some can drink Huel on its own, more so the vanilla Huel than the unflavored/unsweetened version, but most people do come up with their own ways to mix it up. The more variety you find, hopefully the longer you’ll use Huel, which can help you with your long term health goals.

Here are some of our flavoring tips:

And as you can imagine, I’ve consumed a lot of Huel and here is my current go-to recipe. Maybe it’s worth a shot!

  • 225ml cold water
  • 225ml unsweetened almond milk
  • 3 scoops of vanilla Huel
  • three ice cubes (optional)
  • about 2tsp of cinnamon
  • agave or stevia to taste
  • shake, done, enjoy!
    10/10, would recommend. If you have the unflavored/unsweetened version, I would recommend adding more of certain ingredients in this recipe to enhance the flavor.

If that’s not your thing, you can also make pancakes, waffles, etc.:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: You can also reach out to for a refund if need be. :+1:

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Def add iced coffee to it after you wake up so it thins out a bit. I’ve had a much better experience that way.

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