Why the price of Huel powder is changing with the launch of v3.0

Dear Hueligans,

I’m Julian, the Founder of Huel. I’m writing to let you know, as a loyal and valued Hueligan, that we have made the difficult decision to increase the price of Huel Powder from 18th December with the launch of Powder v3.0.

We haven’t put the price up in four and a half years but the point has come where I need to ask you to pay slightly more for Huel as a result which I’m really sorry about.

The good news is that v3.0 is our seventh improvement since launch and our best ever Huel which I think you will love. We have improved the taste and texture, it has all natural flavours, more natural vitamin sources, plus added probiotics and kombucha. We have made the decision to go from v1.1 to v3.0 in the USA to align our Huel Powder globally.

As an example, the price of a 2 bag order on subscription in the US will change from $59.40 to $65.

Why is it changing?

This is something I have thought long and hard about. Since I first launched Huel in 2015 we have grown a huge amount. It’s something we are very proud of and grateful for and we have always reinvested as much as we could in our product improvements and services to ultimately be able to give you, our lovely Hueligans, the absolute best, whether that’s reduced delivery times around the world, a better online experience and many more improvements.

The team have created this article to tell you everything you need to know about pricing, our new v3.0 Powder and its ingredients.

Thank you for being part of the wonderful global community of Hueligans. Together we are making an impact and making the world a better place. You are the lifeblood of our business, and we hope you continue to stay with us on this next exciting chapter.



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Please make sure that should you wish to make any changes to your subscription that all necessary amendments have been made before the next renewal. If you are not happy with the price increase or any of the other changes described above you can of course cancel your subscription by logging in here. But please be aware if no changes are made, on your next renewal you will then be charged the full new price.

@JamesCollier Sad timing. I’ve just starting treating a histamine intolerance by using Huel as the bulk of my diet. I see that the new formula includes kombucha as an ingredient. Kombucha is high in histamine, which won’t matter to anyone who doesn’t have this rare issue.

I’m disappointed as well with the addition of kombucha tea powder. For religious reasons, I abstain from consuming black or green tea. My understanding is Kombucha is a fermented black or green tea and will need to cancel my subscription now.

Are there plans to provide Huel without Kombucha tea powder in the future? Huel has been very successful for me and I’ve completely replaced my daily meals with Huel.


@Julian-Huel - I am looking forward to the new Powder and the price change isn’t that much for what we are getting. It’s still less expensive than others out there that aren’t as good as Huel. I see that the Fiber of the Chocolate I get dropped from 10g to 8g. Not a huge change so that shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Saying “Huel Powder is smoother than ever” is not something I wanted to hear. I really like the texture of the current Powder so I am hoping I like the new powder. And Yes, I know you can’t please everyone. I’m sure it will be fine.

I like the addition of the Probiotics, Kelp & Kombucha. I have been using Huel since April 2019 along with ​#intermittentfasting and I am down 54 lbs with only another 10 lbs to go. I even have ​#Hueligan in my email signature & all of my Social Media accounts. With how I feel using Huel 2 times per day, I will be a ​#Hueligan for a very long time. Thanks for the improvements! I’m really looking forward to v3.0!

Al Tollefson


There’s a small amount of kombucha in Huel (it’s not the same as the drink). We are testing the new version for histamine so will be able to provide exact values when the results are back. The amount of histamine is very unlikely to increase by an amount that would cause you any concern.

I’m really sorry to hear this. Huel Ready-to-drink does not contain kombucha powder so may be suitable for you.

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@Julian-Huel The price change isn’t a problem. However, I am also disappointed with the addition of kombucha and probiotics. My husband (who the Huel is for) has various health issues with regards to digestion and does not generally tolerate probiotics and kombucha well.

Honestly, you should reconsider those additions as probiotics are a supplement and should be taken only when needed and can be a problem when not needed (nearly any reputable medical source says talk to your doctor as there are situations where they are contraindicated).

Aside from that general statement, does the new v3.0 formula remain low FODMAP?

Will there be a possibility to remain on the old v1.1 formula?

We’ve been very thankful for Huel since it’s introduction in the US, but v3.0 may not work for our situation.

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It’s a relief to find out that the amount of kombucha is small, and I very much look forward finding out the change in histamine levels. Do you have any idea as yet when the tests will be in? Maybe I should get an order of the current version right now, and give the tests some time?

Totally understand where you are coming from Katie. The best thing to do is chat to your husband’s doctor. The specific strain is Bacillus Coagulans MTCC 5856.

Yeap Huel is still low FODMAP.

It won’t be possible.

Unfortunately the labs we work with have been going through some issues recently so I can’t give you a date, even a rough one.

I agree. I love Huel and thought I’d be consuming it forever. But my religious views also mean I will not consume tea, even a small amount.

I am glad to see the movement towards more natural ingredients and less synthetic vitamins as well as the inclusion of probiotics. I do have two questions:

1.) Will this version still have a 1 year shelf life?
2.) If not immediately consumed, will Huel need to be refrigerated after adding water to it?

Can you provide the amino acid profile for the new version?

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Thanks @mralbert! We’re confident this will be the best Huel yet💪 To answer your questions, yes the shelf life will still be the same for this new powder! Also, the recommendation for your second question will stay the same as our older powders. Your Huel doesn’t need to be refrigerate immediately - we recommend getting it in the refrigerator after 24 hours of making it. Hope this helps😃


Here you go:


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So what will happen to the current Huel v1.1 stock? Are these old version will be charged at the current price? or they will be charge at a higher new price? How do we choose Huel powder version 1.1 and/or version 3.0? and how do we tell if our Huel powder selection in subscription is version 1.1 or version 3.0? More confusion lol

I hope we can still purchase Huel v1.1 at the same price until that is run out of stock then switch to 3.0 at a higher price when we are ready to switch :smiley:

I’m excited for many of the overall changes but am sad to see that Leucine content has dropped a bit.

I assume this is for the vanilla flavor?

The news has me deeply concerned, I have severe gastric issues and I am living off of the Gluten Free Huel v1.1. Any change in the formula may result in my not being able to eat it and without the 3 shakes a day, I will not be getting any nutrition at all…Cancelling my order is not an option, I need to know that I can still get the v1.1 if the new stuff makes me sick…

Will these changes impact RTD? If not, will RTD be getting similar enhancements in the future?

We’ve been planning to ensure that v1.1 runs out when v3.0 is introduced. v1.1 will be at the current price and when v3.0 is introduced so will the new pricing structure. The two versions are not likely to run alongside one another.

It is a bit of decrease yes, and yes it’s vanilla.

Would you be able to provide some more detail Lane so we can advise better? You can always drop me a private message if you need to.

Nope but we are always looking to improve and reformulate our products so expect to see changes in the future.

Happy to see the new update! I’ve been using your product for a while now and I’m happy to see the new iodine source, as well as the inclusion of natural probiotics. I’m happy with the texture as is, but I think a smoother consistency with 3.0 will help me get my wife on board with Huel too :grinning:

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