V 3.0 is Terrible

I’ve been using Huel for awhile now and I really enjoyed it, but I gotta say. This new version is terrible. It’s clumpy, it has a terrible aftertaste, and you gave us no options - you just sent us what you thought was better. The last version of Huel was good enough that I was able to get my wife on it and I was able to consistently use it and was losing weight and feeling good. Along come 3.0… A few days of trying it and I find it unbearably bad. Why change it? Why not give us an option? I’ve seen numerous complaints on this forum and on reddit and I doubt there will be anything done about it. I really liked Huel, but today I am cancelling my subscription and unless Huel either goes back to the last version or gives us an option I won’t be back and I won’t recommend it.

Does anyone else feel this way?


I tend to agree so far 3.0 does not work for me, I’m trying to be open minded and testing back and forth but it’s not going well. I use the vanilla and chocolate versions of Huel as easy/cheap/complete meals. I really like v1.1 chocolate a lot. I’ve tried switching back and forth several times from 1.1 to 3.0 and I just can not enjoy 3.0 for the same reasons you mention; clumpy, different texture, significant flavor difference, much harder to mix, etc, etc. I’m no longer on subscription and instead buying up v1.1 and stocking up while I can. It’s really unsettling that I don’t know what my future diet looks like after being so very satisfied with Huel 1.1. I’m looking for any options that may be closer to 1.1


Couldn’t agree more. I can’t express how terrible the new stuff is. I wouldn’t ask anyone to eat it voluntarily. I actually LIKED the tasted of the older version. I wouldn’t eat the new one if you paid me. I hope they come to realize the big mistake they’ve made and will offer us the option of going back to the good stuff.


I was actually relieved when I tried the new 3.0. I hated the cake batter flavor of the previous change, and was prepared to cancel my subscription and give up if the new V3 was another disappointment. I tried a bag and was pleasantly surprised. I always use a blender, so I don’t have an issue with clumping, and I found the taste a bit more subdued than the 1.0 I enjoyed. I do prefer the texture of the old formula, but the new isn’t bad.

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The taste of the chocolate v3 is pretty flat, bland, but also crappy in its own way. I am so deflated that they changed the flavor of it because their flavor boosters are horrible (I have tried nearly all of them), the berry and vanilla huel powders were so awful. I have a bag of V3 vanilla that I will try, but if it tastes just as bad then I will stop buying the product until there is another update to the tastes. I have dumped so much money into this product, into all the flavors and boosters that I am starting to give up on it.

Seriously, please bring back the previous chocolate flavor, I beg you HUEL!!!


Totally agree. I’ve been using vanilla V1 for a while now and really enjoying it. I could immediately notice a difference in my first shake of V3. There is nothing I’ve been able to do to get a smooth texture with V3, while V1 took only some minor tweaking to get it perfect. V3 is clumpy and bland which leaves it nearly undrinkable. I love Huel, I hope they improve V3 or it’ll be hard to continue using it.

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I love the new HUEL BLACK. The taste is good. If my HUEL is healthier and better I don’t mind a change in the taste.

And people can always add frozen blueberries, strawberries, mango, peas, peanut-butter in a blender to change it up.

Thank you HUEL for making a healthier product. HUEL RULES!!!


I tried the 3.0 today for the first time and was surprised by how different it tasted. I definitely liked the 1.1 better… I usually blend mine with ice and coffee and the 3.0 consistency was thick and “fluffy”, it was weird. I’m surprised they put the new version through taste tests and people somehow thought this was better. (I’m assuming they did market research anyway…)


I haven’t even tried my new V3 bags sent since I’ve been drinking up my about-to-expire RTD chocolate Huel (which tastes pretty good, I might add). Gonna bust open the new V3 bag and blend a dose for tomorrow’s dinner, while bringing one of my last few RTD Huel bottles as an “emergency backup” in case V3 does a belly flop on me.

In regards to the new flavor boosts, the salted caramel and pumpkin pie spice are really good with the previous version of vanilla Huel. I would order more but they on backorder at this time.

Ya’ll got me shook up for no reason. I was just storing my new V3 away, planning on opening it in a month or so when the 1.1 and RTD was finished. But ya’ll got me so nervous that I opened my V3 prematurely and made today’s dinner with it. Even going so far as bringing a backup RTD just in case it turns out as bad as some people are experiencing.


Just finished it. It tastes very similar to 1.1. If anything, it tastes a little more natural and subdued, but still has a vanilla flavor and pleasant tasting. Granted, I never mix just Huel and water. I always blend and use some form of plant milk+water. But I made it the same way I have been making my vanilla Huel 1.1 = 8 ounces of cold brew, a little bit of oat milk, water, a few cacao nibs, 600 calories of Huel (give or take), total volume around 32 ounces. It’s a very subtle difference from mixing it this way with 1.1. In fact, if I wasn’t the one making it, I might not even notice a taste difference.

And, I have not had to sip any water afterwards. I have none of the Huel sticking in the back of the throat, like on previous versions.

Ya’ll must have gotten a bad batch (or perhaps there is another explanation which I will not elaborate on). But for me, I really cannot tell a serious difference. Granted, I’ve only done one 600 calorie Huel 3.0 meal, but it seems fine. And this makes sense. Looking at the two bag’s labels, they are very very similar.


I think I’m going to give this 3.0 a shot. I’ve only drank RTD and never tried the powder.

2 scoops of vanilla 3.0, half banana, a sprinkle of PB2 powder, oat milk plus water, Huel salted caramel flavor boost = today’s dinner. Very very good, and too filling. Couldn’t finish it.

Guys, I’m not seeing where this 3.0 is bad or so different than 1.1. I may need to try a sip of 3.0 in water first before making my concoction to see if I can detect what y’all talking about.

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Many of the posts I’ve seen that have negative feedback are from those that aren’t as creative with their Huel intake.

Let us know your thoughts should you try it with just water.

I agree with you there, Deron. The texture/mouth feel is not all that different. I detected a slightly smoother quality, which was neither positive nor negative. I, like you, doctor mine up with other ingredients and whir it in the blender. So, I’ve never had clumps.

I just am shocked I’m the only one who has reported severe nausea. I was checking out kombucha because I know very little about it aside from that it’s a fermented product. My understanding is that it is unpasteurized because that would destroy the probiotics along with any potentially harmful bacteria. At any rate, I’ve mentioned my issue with probiotics (negative experiences) and it seems kombucha could be hurting me in addition to the other added strain of bacteria.

I loved 1.1 chocolate! I ate it exclusively for 4 months. I could eat 1.1 vanilla with flavor additives, but could do it plain.

I got the new 3.0 chocolate and I couldn’t even finish the shake. It made me naseated and had a crazy taste that is hard to describe…it tasted like the seasonal chocolate cherry flavor add that I threw away after 1 sip.

However, I do like the vanilla 3.0. However I have started getting cramps and tons of gas…before I never got cramps.


I have a 1.0 unflavored gluten free. Judging by the 3.0 it looks like it has tapioca (which is new) and sunflower/MCT oil as top ingredients instead of the last one. I think more oil is probably not a good idea. “Kombucha Tea Powder, Kelp” “Corn starch” - these ingredients would make me not well. Can’t take seafood taste.

V 3.0 is disgusting. What a clumpy mess. Such poor product development. Cancelled my subscription over it. Classic example of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Good luck getting this to work with any shaker, including Huel’s. I have to get out a whisk and it’s still loaded with gross little clumps of dry material. Not sure I trust my health to a chain of command that passed this through to approval. Anyone with any product development sense would have not let this go to market.


Hey, they made it this far. I think if you can get your hands on the earlier versions before the 3.0, it’s worth it (at least to me).

Slew of new posters register for the Huel discourse board. On their very first post they say they’ve been loyal Huel users for a while and just came here to say how much they hate 3.0. they are cancelling, in fact.

Either 3.0 really is this bad… Or… People with competing interests are registering and spamming false negative reviews in an attempt to discourage possible new customers. No way to tell the difference. But it’s intriguing to consider.


I just love how they’ve been “long-time users” yet decide to post as they’re cancelling their subscription rather than troubleshoot their issues or get suggestions for a better experience from the rest of us.

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