New Vanilla makes me sad

TL;DR I want the old Vanilla back.

I commented elsewhere but I’m so disappointed that I needed to write a separate post. I get the reasoning for the change, the old recipe, some complained, was too sweet and too synthetic. My argument then, is why not just get the unsweetened version and then do your thing with it? Because now the balance has tipped to the rest of us. I’m stuck with something undrinkable, that I now have to add things to, just to get it down. I personally feel like this version tastes way more synthetic and less natural than the previous version.

I’ve also seen an official response to the effect of “we can’t please everyone.” - but an attempt could be made. Why not just put both versions up for a bit, let the customers choose, and whichever one outsells the other, you stick with that? If I’m in the minority, I’ll sit down and be quiet and probably find something else that fits for me.


yup yup. commented on some other topic that it would be super great to have MORE flavor options for a base shake, instead of having all of the different “flavor boosts”…it’s not like Huel doesn’t already have a strong enough following.
keep the shakes offered already, make both vanillas available, and try using the best selling flavor boost flavors as new shakes…i would at least try them all once myself.


feeling very bad about this, Vanilla original is the only flavor which tastes good for me. huel is 80% of my diet since 8 months, I am confused on how to adjust with new vanilla flavor, i really hate it. May be i should start trying chocolate :pensive:
I still have some hope that they bring back original/classic vanilla huel


Agreed. I have to choke the new vanilla down, because Huel is most of my diet. I swear this stuff tastes like it has black pepper in it :weary:


To confirm here, you still absolutely have the option to order Old Vanilla with an active subscription from! It will be phased out over the next few months but currently it is still available🙌 Negative or positive, we hear you and genuinely appreciate all of the feedback❤

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Yah I ended up giving mine away after wasting a lot of money on both rtd which taste 100 times worse than the powder, never in my life have I had a rtd taste so awful with that high price for no reason. I’m never drinking it again and will not reccomend to anyone if they ask cause it’s too high of price for such nasty tasting drinks.

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“My argument then, is why not just get the unsweetened version and then do your thing with it?”

The best advice is right there.


My man, I don’t have an active subscription. I’m not a subscription kind of guy. So I’m out of luck? Can’t I just trade mine in for the ones that would have gone to the subscription folks? I’ll buy 30 so that I can last through the zombie apocalypse, or until you guys decide that OG vanilla is better and switch back.


2,000 to 3,000 of my calories daily came from huel for the last year and a half about. I actually have to go back to eating normal food and meal prepping after this and I’m not happy at all. If any one wants 8 bags of the be vanilla Huel let me know :roll_eyes:

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alright…i’ll take 'em. stop twisting my arm…i’m on the East coast. come find me :sunglasses:

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are you for reals?! guessing you’d want me (someone) to buy them off you, right?? are you willing to ship?

I hope this is not the case this was the only flavor that I liked. Don’t do away with it HUEL.


I have a huel subscription, so which Vanilla will I be getting next time? :thinking:

I agree with everyone who says Huel should produce both. My suggestion for names:

OG Vanilla
Vanilla Cake Batter

Because I think new Vanilla tastes like cake batter. I don’t hate it, but it’s definitely different than the OG.


I’m excited to try the new Vanilla. There is very little I don’t food/flavorwise. I considered the old vanilla “fine”. Not bad, not great, just “fine”. Seemed a little chemically to me like artificial sweeteners, but paired well with flavor boosts.

I would love to hear your report once you do. I’ve tried adding peanut butter powder, other flavor boosts, it’s just straight up awful.

The difference to me is very slight. Taste just fine to me.

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When they ditched v1.0 vanilla I sounded a lot like you folks. I haven’t tried the new cake batter flavor yet, but I’m optimistic. I think v1.1 vanilla sucked. So much so that I started choking down UU + water instead.
My Huel consumption dropped tremendously at first, then i got used to UU. Kind of like learning to drink your coffee black rather than with cream and sugar.

I actually found an unopened bag of 1.0 that i had in a suitcase this week. Score! -I thought. Drank 3 full servings before I was reminded of the rancid flatulence I used to deal with.

Long story short, UU is a better option if you can aclimate to it.

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Got my first bag of vanilla today… never tried the original. I have to believe taste is a highly subjective thing because I had some of it earlier and found it to be at the very least extremely inoffensive. It’s not the most delicious thing I ever tasted, a little bland at worst. But revolting, putrid, inedible, or overpowering? (All things I read on this forum which made me think twice about even trying it.) I found it to be anything but. Such strong words for a nearly-bland vanilla flavored beverage.


Agreed. New vanilla is truely horrible. Too bad they won’t offer the original vanilla indefinitely. The new flavor is close to the vanilla Purely Inspired protein powder that I use on occasions when I run out of Huel. That stuff is nearly inedible. Perhaps they’re trying to get in line with such horrible industry standards. I’ve been using Huel since it started in the UK. Happy to eventually see it in the US after I moved here. But, this horrendous change in flavor is very difficult to accept let alone drink.


For ME, the new vanilla is fine. I don’t LOVE it, but I definitely don’t dislike it. I find it completely inoffensive as someone earlier has said. After a year with the original flavor, I really grew to love that. It was by far my favorite flavor. Truth be told though, the original never struck me as particularly “vanilla” in its flavor. Whenever people asked me what it tasted like, my response was usually to describe it as tasting like lightly sweetened oatmeal. That’s how it always struck me. But I quickly grew to love and crave that oatmeal thing it had. I don’t currently crave this new flavor like I did the old, but I also understand that some of us human beings have a harder time than others adapting to changes to our habits and routines. I may just be in the process of kicking my Pavlov’s Dog reaction to the old formula. If I had started out a year ago with the current flavor, I might have grown to love it as well. I suppose in the end, the sales data will determine which is the preferred version.

Btw, for those who really aren’t taking to the new vanilla, try mixing it with the chocolate - one scoop of each. It’s a little more of a hassle to scoop from two separate bags, but it’s my current favorite version of Huel…so much so that I think Huel ought to consider a 50/50 chocolate/vanilla-swirl offering.

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