Some Vanilla Confusion

Are there 3 versions of Vanilla powder that are currently/have been sold in the US?

  1. v1.0 Vanilla (discontinued)
  2. Original v1.1 Vanilla
  3. New v1.1 Vanilla

I need to edit or end a subscription because I am not a fan of #2 Vanilla. I keep pushing my order out since I don’t enjoy the product as much anymore.

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#1 is discontinued. #2 will be discontinued once we run out of stock, and all vanilla will be New Vanilla by then.

Can you explain why the old vanilla is going away? The new one doesn’t even taste like vanilla and tastes very artificial. Also, why was there was no indication or warning that the old one was leaving?

Could you pass it up the chain that removing one of the few flavors you have is a bad idea…? Not sure if I’m going to be purchasing any more huel which is kind of sad.

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Check this out:

It appears that a lot of people had been giving feedback on Original Vanilla 1.1 and saying it was too sweet. I had seen this complaint here and there on the forums as well as their Facebook comments. Me personally, I liked the Original Vanilla 1.0 and 1.1. I am ordering two bags of the new Vanilla to see what it tastes like. (Oh, BTW, doing a 50/50 mix of chocolate and vanilla Huel is actually pretty good.)

Do you blend/add stuff to your Huel? I almost always add stuff to my Huel so a slight change in taste probably won’t be a big deal to me since I can counter it if need be.

We had too many say that the old vanilla tasted too synthetic and way too sweet. There was an indication–Deron posted a link to our promo.

We appreciate the feedback! Unfortunately we can’t please everyone :frowning:

Still confused why that means you need to delete the old one. Also I don’t see in the promo saying that it would replace the old vanilla. In the UK both are offered, no?

@Deron, as a daily user of Huel for more than a year I can attest that this is a much bigger change than from 1.0 to 1.1 (that was pretty much unnoticeable for me). This new flavor isn’t even something I would call vanilla. As others have said it’s more like cake batter but in a very unsweetened way.

The flavor in it is very overpowering as well. I have always mixed with instant coffee, cocoa powder, and cinnamon and those are almost undetectable with the new vanilla powder. I even made a shake with 3/4 original vanilla and 1/4 new vanilla and it completely overpowered the whole shake.

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I’ve tried the half chocolate half vanilla with both the new and old vanilla. The old vanilla was fine but personally I liked them separate. The new vanilla almost completely overpowers the chocolate and it’s not good… it’s more than a “slight change” in taste unfortunately…

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@Tyler_Huel, I feel that this new vanilla tastes much more artificial than the original vanilla. I get some people don’t like the artificial sweetener taste but this new one just overpowers any additional flavors added to the shake. Not to mention it doesn’t even taste like vanilla.

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Hmmm. Well, I’m gonna know in a few days myself when mine arrives. I hope I end up liking it.

The U/U Huel is something you may want to explore. It does require some more effort, but you get to flavor it exactly as you like it. When I first got U/U I was not a fan, until I finally stumbled upon some good flavoring options.

I wonder if there is a vanilla flavoring/sweetening drops that could be added to U/U to make it taste better for you or at least closer to Old School Vanilla Huel. (But then, that is gonna be a craps shoot until you can find the right flavor.)

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That’s my take on it.

Tasted somewhat like a Myoplex vanilla protein shake. Very unnatural compared to Old School 1.0


Why isn’t “new vanilla 1.1” simply called “vanilla 1.2”? This naming convention makes no sense at all!

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