Please give us a choice between Original Vanilla Huel and New Vanilla Huel

Trying to be positive here. I loved the original Vanilla Huel and drank if for a couple of years. Then I had some unrelated stomach issues so I had to take a break. I just got two bags and I dislike the new version. Huel - would it be possible to give us a choice? Original vs Modern?


I will always offer a “Yes, please,” to the suggestion that the old vanilla flavor return.
I hated when the original Huel vanilla was updated to the “cake batter” formula. Then when Huel Black came out I switched to it and was delighted that its Vanilla flavor was the older version. Unfortunately, Huel Black later moved to the “cake batter” formula as well so now I’m suffering with it, too. So, yes please, let’s get the old Vanilla back!

100% agree with you. Not liking the new Huel at all.