New Vanilla is Horrible Tasting, please bring back Original Vanilla

This new Vanilla flavor is so chalky tasting I wont drink it. Thank you for refunding me a month or so ago when I accidentally ordered it. I have been a customer for 1.5 years always buying the original vanilla flavor and now this week it was no longer available. I hope you consider bringing it back. The flavor packets are not something I am going to experiment with and make each shake go up .80 cents and they wont taste like what I am used to. Anyway, if the product I love comes back you will still have a loyal customer.


Hey Tom, I’m sorry to hear you aren’t loving the Vanilla. It is a different taste, but if it is a little too chalky have you tried popping it in the fridge overnight or even for a few hours?

We actually are still selling v1.1 Original for a limited time, you can find it on our outlet page here - - we would absolutely hate to lose you as a Hueler as there’s so much more to Huel than the flavour. Nutrition, convenience and affordability – we’ve also got tons of different ways that you can flavour your Huel!

Scroll down to Powder Hacks on this page!

Thank you for the feedback though, we take it all on board and consider it when revamping formulas.

I know the new flavor was so bad I had to get refunded for it, I make this huel fast in the morning so having it sit wont work and unless a vanilla flavor pack is available that makes it taste the same or similar its a hard sell. I use strawberries as ice to make it cool, theres nothing like that but ice to add to chocolate which I dont like. I dont know it really sucks everytime something is good a company gets rid of it. Im seriously considering shakology again, they taste great, but its more expensive. Ill buy the old flavor until it runs out. If you guys are open to sending me some samples of unflavored or chocolate I am open to that… I just dont want to waste money not knowing what they taste like.

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I agree. Way too sweet. Like cake batter.

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  1. There was talk on the UK forums about a taste test to potentially reintroduce Original as a v3.0 flavor, would that come to the US as well?

  2. I agree that it would be a pain both time and cost wise but has anyone tried the vanilla flavor boost in either the vanilla or unflavored v3.0? Is it anything like Original?

I’m considering buying some Original v1.1 before its out of stock but if its coming to v3.0 I’d rather wait.

Thanks in advance

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You say, “like cake batter” like that’s a bad thing! :laughing:

I think it’s fine, but then I just now started, so I wasn’t used to less sweet versions. Also good with a shot of coffee added, which dials down the sweetness. Still, my impression from roaming the forums for a couple of days is that there is a clamor for a less sweet version, and it seems like a lightly sweetened “Original” flavor would be just the thing, and probably the perfect base to use for flavor boosts and other add-ins.

PS: For those who find V3.0 flavors too sweet but don’t want to give up on Huel altogether, have you considered blending with U/U?

I tried chocolate mint flavor boost in Vanilla 3.0 today, and could barely detect the flavor. I don’t know what people are meant to use the flavor boosts for now, unless they work well with U/U?

I haven’t tried U/U, so I don’t know the answer to that.

I enjoyed the natural/subtle oaty flavor of Original/1.1 and I don’t feel as strongly about Vanilla 3.0 as some, but I do think it’s a bummer that it tastes kind of like a generic vanilla protein powder flavor now. Cake batter or Sugar cookie is a pretty close comparison, but I get that there are plenty of people who are perfectly content eating dessert for every meal, so while I would be interested in seeing Original return as a 3.0 flavor, I’m not getting my hopes up.

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I’ve seen several posts suggesting people are not impressed by the Chocolate Mint flavor boost in particular. The consensus seems to be that other flavor boosts are better, and they work better in Vanilla than UU.

I’m not a fan of most of the flavor boosts, actually. My wife and I both like Chocolate Mint and Peanut Butter the most out of all that we’ve tried so far.

I had posted another thread about what the purpose of Vanilla Flavor Boost was, if they’re designed to be paired with the Vanilla Huel in the first place, figuring maybe it was meant for U/U, but no replies there.

I’m going to buy a few bags of Original flavor while they still have some in stock just so that I have something to use the rest of our flavor boosts with. Original’s flavor is subtle enough that it accepts the flavor boosts pretty well, but Vanilla 3.0 is definitely… more opinionated in its flavor :slight_smile:

Can confirm, new vanilla tastes horrible, as well as new chocolate. Will not be ordering again and made a mistake ordering this batch.

If they bring back the old vanilla I will order 12 bags my first order. I am not into that chalky new vanilla it cant be covered up. It ruined what I had.

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