How do you flavor your Huel?


Fellow Huelers!

We love watching our customers around the world getting creative with how they flavor their Huel, and want to share some community favorites with you! These are just some of the ideas we’ve heard people rave about making in their own kitchens - try them out for yourself and tell us what you think, or try some new creations and share the results here on the forum!

Here are some current tried and tested flavorings:


Chai Tea
Ginger beer
Milk (normal/almond)


Coffee (for that extra morning kick!)
Ice (just add a couple of cubes while you shake it up!)

And for the more adventurous…
Chili/garlic sauce
Bacon seasoning
Spices (so far: garam masala, cumin, coriander, onion, garlic)

When adding your feedback or new ideas, please be sure to note if you used the Vanilla or the Unflavored/Unsweetened Huel, and whether you have actually tried it or are just sharing ideas.

What about baking? Have you got creative in the kitchen? We would like to know!


@kurisu, if the link you used got flagged, do you mind telling me what to search for? I’ve never seen the protien shake flavorings, so any tips on what to avoid (eg. ingredients) as I’m on the hunt for flavorings that won’ add too many calories or sugar (mostly concerned about sugar) until Huel offers their own flavor packs here in the US.


@renegadero If you google ‘protein shake flavor drops’ you should find some options - the ones I use came up as the first result, but that might just be because I’ve searched for them before! There’s one particular company that has a huge selection of 150+ flavors. I’ve not personally tried those ones, but have heard good things about them on Reddit.


I love Huel (vanilla) with a mixture of soy milk, cold brew coffee and a banana all blended together.

Second Huel Order + Flavor Shot

Two best (For me) So far are : Huel (Vanilla), cold Coffee, Banana, Cinnamon, Blended.
Huel (Vanilla), Frozen Mixed berry (Strawberry, Blue Berry, Raspberry) Dash of Cinnamon, Blended

Leave both in Refreeze overnight for a incredibly thick shake in the morning…


You had me at cold brew. Sounds so delish! Going to have to steal this one. :yum::coffee:


I don’t do much with flavors, but one combination I did try that I thought worked quite well was to substitute the liquid component (which often is discarded after eating the fruit pieces) from home canned pears with Unsweetened/Unflavored Huel. I imagine this same approach could work with the juice/syrup from store-bought canned fruit.


That is a brilliant idea!


Been drinking the vanilla huel for a little bit and want something super easy to add. Saw these and thought i might pick one up. Has anyone tried a flavoring syrup? What are your thoughts on them?


I’ve been making this in the morning and used for breakfast or lunch and then adding about 50-100 ml of cold brew coffee. Flavor is strong enough for the unsweetened/unflavored mix. Plus, I just like the flavor or coffee.


I have a chocolate peanut butter powder at home. I just add that to taste and corresponding I add a bit more water.


I think it’s great with one pack/one spoon full of folgers instant coffee crystals.


I use cocoa and powdered peanut butter delicious!


Over the weekend, I swapped out water for Vanilla Almond Milk (unsweetened, Vitamin D and Calcium enriched), and added a couple teaspoons of strawberry lowfat yogurt. It came out tasting like a Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake bar. :slight_smile:


That’s an awesome idea! I’ll have to give that one a try. :yum:


Just discovered Naked PB. It is ground roasted peanuts. I love PB, but usually it is full of calories, fat, and sugar. This isn’t, and it is SO GOOD.


Yes! I just used powdered chocolate peanut butter (possibly same brand?) and it was so so delish. Thanks for the tip, @TomeHill77 and @drlizzib!


Oh good! I bought that too but haven’t tried it yet.


The only flavor I’ve found palatable with Vanilla Huel is adding about a tablespoon of cinnamon and only after it’s left to chill in the fridge overnight. Don’t like it with any other added flavors or on its own.


My favorite Huel recipe so far is:

-400ml RO water
-Fill with ice cubes until it hits 500ml
-1 Serving of frozen blueberries
-1 Serving of either hemp hearts or chia seeds

Blend for at least 15 seconds and serve. This is what I’ve been doing for breakfast everyday for a little over a month now and it’s pretty delicious.